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    Disorder is the reason for wastage of time and energy

    Keeping things haphazardly and in disorder is the main reason for wastage of time and energy and brings irritation and anger in people. A few days back I visited one bank for some work and I was told to collect two number of forms from the help desk and fill them and submit and my work will be done in a few minutes and then I could go and get the detailed information by email and mobile channels. Everything is online nowadays and the bank assistant assured me that it would be done easily. When I went to the help desk to collect the forms, there was a young fellow sitting there may be a new contract employee and was having a number of bunches of forms on his table and on his side rack and was giving the relevant ones to the customers and was helping also to some extent. But for my forms which were probably not of routine nature, he was struggling and fumbling from one bunch to other but could not get and was cutting a sorry figure but at the same time was telling me to wait for some more time and not complain to the assistant as he would bang him. I simply laughed and suggested him to put some slips on each folder and write the form name or paste a form on the front of the folder or file so that it is easy to search it. He got the point but told that doing that will be a big task and he would try. I told him only once it would take time and then you would save time all the days. The assistant from the nearby seat came and told me that the boy is new and they have already planned to do like that and next time I would not find this awkward situation. Have you anytime faced such situations?
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    I agree with the author that we should keep everything in order to save our time. What happened in bank with the author and his suggestion to guy behind the counter is a good example of wasting time due to keeping things in disarray. But the guy who has been mentioned in this post is a new guy as the author has also written, so he can be given benefit of doubt. I think he will set all papers on his desk in order and when the author or any other customer goes to his desk next time, time will not be wasted.

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    This is true. We take an article, use it and leave it there. We will not put it back in the place from where we have lifted the article. It will be lying somewhere and next time when we want the same item we will not find in its place and we have to search for that item.. The search may go for hours together. Even after wasting that much time we are not sure about finding out the article. Many times it happens.
    Even in our offices also we have a filing cabinet and there will be an index to know the order and the details of the files. We may be taking out a file needed for reference but we may not put it in the designated place. Then there will be a mix-up and we have to waste a lot of time and energy to trace it back. If we have the patience and take a moment to put it back in the correct place we will not face any problem when we want it the next time,

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