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    World Economy and the United States of America.

    There is no doubt that the United States of America (USA) is the largest economy in the world and America has a different role in the world and then and you must have also seen that all countries have different cash in the world but internationally America has the highest dollar value. It also shows to a large extent that America is or is trying to control the world economy. Well, it is not wrong, if you have the ability to lead, then you can do it, and when you lead well, everyone accepts it. Especially when you have leadership as well as strength. We can call it such that America is a country that has gone far ahead not only in terms of technology but also from the point of view of diplomacy and power, due to which it has many, or just say, almost all rights. With which it can control the world economy to a great extent.
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    The United States of America is having all strong points and it is controlling the world economy. There is no doubt about. Earlier days the USSR is giving a strong fight to the USA and each of them is trying strongly to be in the number one position. But after the split in the USSR, the USA has become very strong. Japan, China and some other countries are also becoming strong but they are not able to overtake the USA. That is why many countries depend on America fo many bits of help and this is making them more strong.
    Not only in the economic front but also in other areas also America is having its strengths and can dictate terms to many other Nations. So far the USA is good with our nation and there are no serious differences in their ideologies. But now with the new president of America coming in January how the relations will be is to be seen.

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    Exchange rates of currency of some countries are higher than the US dollar

    #1 Kuwaiti Dinar [1 KWD = 3.27 USD]
    #2 Bahraini Dinar [1 BHD = 2.65 USD]
    #3 Omani Rial [1 OMR = 2.60 USD]
    #4 Jordanian Dinar [1 JOD = 1.41 USD]
    #5 Pound Sterling [1 GBP = 1.30 USD]
    #6 Cayman Islands Dollar [1 KYD = 1.20 USD]
    #7 Euro [1 EUR = 1.18 USD]
    #8 Swiss Franc [1 CHF = 1.10 USD]

    Why the US dollar has supremacy in the world and the reason is that the demand for dollar is higher than any other currency while paying the money by one country to another country. e.g. If India purchases oil from Iran then India will not pay the bill in rupees or Iranian currency, rather, Indian rupees will be exchanged into dollars and these dollars will be paid to Iran and then Iran will change the amount in Iranian currency. This is one of the most important factor why the US dollar is strong in the world and US economy is the highest in the world rating.

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    US dollar is like English language which is not our language but has been accepted worldwide. It is the legacy of old times and dollar is still holding in the market. US is still quite ahead in the military might and they have some good relations with some countries which will support it in many ways if there is a global war on Earth. So right now US is struggling with corona virus and has some setbacks in manufacturing and has to fight with countries like China in business war. So apparently right now they are in a difficult situation but remember, the US people are not only enterprising but they are very laborious and nationalistic in their approach and when it comes to US and others, they are well united family. So they will have an upper hand even in times to come.
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    Why the America is ahead and considered the Big Boss of the world because it has many big points which other countries cannot compete nor ape. They are self sufficient in food needs for 200 years and that indicates that they need not worry nor go starving for another two centuries which itself speaks volume of their forehead planning and making the country self sufficient. That their electric lines, underground drainage are time tested and never gone failed. That their foreign reserves to help other countries during the crisis is formidable and they reach out immediately. Most importantly they are strong force Military wise and no country has the guts to compete and win over them strength wise of super power. All these make them the Boss of all countries and try to dictate terms to others and weak countries heavily depend on the US.
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