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    People should live their relationships with their heart.

    Living or keeping in touch in the real world is now becoming a formality only. In such a situation, all the important relationships of life are dying and we are celebrating happiness by staying in the virtual world and considering those relationships as our property, while the reality is that it is a false and artificial world.

    The biggest reason for this is that instead of always paying attention to our special relationships, we believe that they are our own, they will understand, but sometimes it is necessary to show love to our loved ones. It takes time to understand this and we don't even know when they leave the relationship. In the end, repentance is also of no use. By taking care of just a few things, you can keep your precious relationships in your life, whether they are your friends or family members.

    Many times, the decision you are making to strengthen the relationship is not right in the mind, but if you start thinking from the heart that you are doing it right then you should listen to the heart.
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    These days we keep relations only if we feel that there will be some benefit to us if we keep up that relation. This is very common these days. A married boy thinks that he and his wife are only the families, his parents and his brothers and sisters are outsiders. They never care about maintaining a good relationship with these people. Spending a little money for his parents or others will be taken as unnecessary. If there is any parental property, the brothers will become enemies in the process of distributing the assets.
    A human being always requires some people during their living for many things. Everything we can't purchase by spending money. All should know the importance of relationships and really feel about them in heart and should continue to strive for upkeeping good relations. Otherwise,. . when we really need these Facebook friends or virtual friends will never come for helping you and virtual friends are always for time pass only.

    always confident

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    The relation between people or families or clans or organizations is established on mutual understanding, concordance, sound vibes, parity on different levels in terms of money, prosperity, status, confidence etc but no relationship can last long until it has deep-rooted emotions. Relationship sans emotions will come to an end sooner or later but if emotions are there then foundations remain intact.

    If the matter is between two individuals who are in a relationship they need to have sterling trust between them. Feelings for sacrifice and sincerity based relationship has a strong bond but where only formalities are used to carry on this relationship, most likely, will come to an end soon.

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    The challenging time has proved to many that they cannot cope up nor have the contacts with the near and dear ones personally but they do have the solace of video calling and thus gets satisfied that all is well and gets going. But the fact that everyone one wants to meet each other personally and maintain that close relationship which was present either too and now there is no hugging, hand shake or embracing each other. When all these are missing the children are the most affected and they terribly missing the school and the class mates. I have seen my relative child breaking down immediately on opening the online class videos and when see her close friends on the screen the she tends to vent feelings by crying for not able to meet each other as even birthday cakes are being offered to eat from far off and that is the way relations are distanced.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It's true to make a relationship strong one has to think by heart not by mind but everytime you cannot do this sometimes one has to think by his/her mind also. It's true relationships cannot be bought by money. One has to be fair enough in the relations and should not just think about him/herself. There are selfish people in the world too who don't value what you do and show their colour by taking advantage of your being good to them. I have few friends with whom I had been good and try to strengthen our bond but I was in an illusion . I was just playing my part but they were not not they were just using me for their benefits. So one has to be very careful as people will always do that. One has to check first the relations to strengthen.

    No doubt we are living in the virtual world these days and have been cut off from the society. We should try to devote time with the people so as to make our real world alive too.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    I told my wife when we started our married life, 'if you want to separate me from outside people, you and I will have only your side people. Sometimes if your side people against this we will lose everyone. But if you love our people, everyone in our side. We will have our relations multiplexed.' Accordingly she lead a super life with heavy appreciation from our elders.

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    Relations become vibrant if both the parties have intense love for each other and such a bondage could be seen in our society sometime ago when there was no place of money in strengthening the relationship. There was the pure love for our own relations. They could even sacrifice the entire property for their relations if the situation demanded. However, we can still see such a strong relationship between mother and his son. Though mother's love has no substitute, the son may fail to understand this emotion because of his insensitivity. Love will definitely flourish with the use of our hearts by when our mind becomes active analysing the overall development, degree of relationship may dilute due to overindulgence of the mind. Let heart do its own job in the area of love making.

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