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    When we are alone we are with ourselves.

    Loneliness and being alone both are two different things. In loneliness, you feel lonely even when you are in the midst of people. Loneliness is a period when you don't like being alone and you are not happy. Whereas when you are alone with your desire, it means that you want solitude. And in solitude, you are happy even when alone. People have made the same assumption about being alone that single humans often bring in depression but this is not always right. Sometimes it is also necessary for a person to be alone because at that time we are with ourselves.
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    You never feel lonely if you want to be alone. When you want to be among many people and if you are forced to be alone. you may feel the loneliness. Some people enjoy when they are among the people and they want to show them that they enjoy being in a group rather than spending time alone. But some will be exactly opposite to that. They want to be alone and never wanted to be recognised, such a person always wants to be aloof and never enjoy the crowd. So it all depends on the nature of the individual.
    One should spend a little time at least alone. We may be having good friends and they may be helpful but if we never take time for us, we may not be understanding ourselves properly. So the author is correct in his thinking. We should care for ourselves we should be lonely for some time so that we correctly understand ourselves and we can amend ourselves so that we will have a happy life.l

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    The author is right to make a difference between being lonely and being alone. We feel lonely when we are among strangers or when people dont listen to what we want to share with them or we feel lonely while waiting for someone who could we share our feelings/ pain/sufferings with. While feeling lonely is not in our hands because we are made to feel lonely by external factors whereas being alone is mostly voluntary .

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    Any person would like to be in solitude for some short period of time in a day. It can be for self-evaluation, relaxation, meditation. It cannot be continued for a longer periods like a month, a year. Every person would like to speak to his or her family members or outsidets else this leads to depression as the author suggests. So we as family members should know each person's regular schedules and practices.
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    Nice post from the author. When we are alone we have many things to probe and ponder over. As to why we failed in the last minute attempt when the winning was ultimate and sure for us. Where the things went wrong, why the situation was not conducive to our progress and why we waited for last minute changes. All these things would come up in mind because we are alone and we have to consult our inner feelings as to what went wrong and why. Some times we share our success and failures with the family and friends and now the situation is not allowing us to roam free and we are tied down. In that case we must make use of loneliness and being alone to settle the issues that are pending for want of time and our intervention. Nevertheless the loneliness from socializing would become compulsion and we must be ready.
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