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    Some people live in the present

    Some people are somewhat different type of people . They are enigmatic, difficult to understand. Their views about life , their theory, concept, practice, dealing- everything seems to be quite different. If you see them , will feel what life really is, even what money they have burns a hole in their pocket . They are extremely spendthrift . They don't care what will happen the next day because they have their own philosophy which tends them to live as a different creature . They live in the present. They literally belive in that past is dead , future is unseen and what they have in their hands is present . People speak but they practice upon it. They really live in present - for today, They don't care what will happen tomorrow. They are ready to face the music joyfully for their decisions. They don't run away from facing reality. They don't cry for what they have done.

    They want to explorer the new and unseen horizon. They believe that life is too short for them to live longer. I saw an old hindi movie of Rajesh Khanna "Anand" in which he played the role of a young man who used to live happily and make other people happy too. A happy go lucky guy he was. He would spread happiness all around. One day he came to know that he was suffering from cancer and it was on advance stage. People who loved him were worried but he took it lightly. He kept on laughing till he took his last breath.
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    In foreign countries, this is the culture that is predominantly seen everywhere. People earn heftily and they spend the money in no time. They don't bother about what may happen tomorrow and they fully enjoy what is there with them today. Governments also encourage such a system there in order to put every penny in the rotation of the economy. At present, our country also moving towards such a system. In the past, people used to work hard and hard-earned money used to preserve in banks or in some other way to conserve for future needs. At present because of the IT boom, and as the earning capacity of jobholders increasing many folds, our younger lot also following foreign culture. Because of the high tax regime working on salaried people and bank interest rates are decreasing day by day the above type of philosophy working on the minds of people.

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    There are some people like that living in present, enjoying in present, and contented with what they have in hand today. One way these people are lucky that they are not worried for their future and enjoy the present. They believe that the time gone never comes back and if they had not lived happily and enjoying in that period when they will enjoy life then. But everyone cannot be like that especially in developing or underdeveloped countries. The reason is that in such countries the job condition is difficult and if people do not save for their future they may be in a miserable condition one day. So only those people can live in the present who are either from the upper class or having some property or ancestral property in their hands. Ordinary people like us have to think for their future. It will be a grave mistake to live in the present. The doctrine of simple living says that even if a person knows that he is dying the next day, he is not supposed to enjoy today by spending some big money even after knowing that it will be of no use for him after today as he is going to die.
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    It is always better to live in the present with respect to our duties and performance. What we did yesterday may be useful for today and what you do today will be useful for tomorrow. So living in the present and thinking about what we have to do now and doing it on time will be the best way of doing the works.
    But when it comes to spending we should think about tomorrow also. We should not waste today money but the same can be reserved for tomorrow or for some emergencies. Many times unexpected expenses may come in. We can not go here and there for those expenses. So we should reserve some money.
    But many young people these days never care for money. Whatever is there with them will be spent without any hesitation and they enjoy the present. Enjoying the present is OK and we need not suffer today for the sake of tomorrow. But wasting money and then starving is not a wise act.

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    Even I believe in living in the present who knows what's going to happen in the future. Live to the fullest. I have seen the parents who save their money for the future and in future when they get old are ignored by their own children. Sometimes I too feel what's the use of that money when it cannot be used when we need it. It's better not to spend much or save for your kids just give them the basic needs that's all. I liked the character of "Anand" but he was like that because of his disease. He was not like that when he didn't know about his disease. Once he came to know about it and that there is no treatment of the same and has very few time left to live he started enjoying his life.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    It is always good to live in present. We are basically living in the present but the problem with many of us is we keep on worrying too much about what happened in past or what is going to happen in future. Planning for the future is very important but worrying for the future doesn't help. Those who have enough money can spend according to their wish but they also need to plan something about their future needs. If somebody is earning a lot and is assured of life-long earning in the same manner then there wouldn't be much problem but again being a little bit cautious and planning for future is always a good idea. A very important thing mentioned in the thread about a particular nature of some people and that is exploring a new horizon. Rather than being a believer and a follower of a strict routine, it's always better to explore things. Only by opening the locks, you'll get to know what's inside the room. Speculation will be of little use.

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    The author is right. Most people live in their past, but if you want to live life happily, do not think too much about the future, just live in your present-day or present and live your every moment happily. If you want to live in the past, remember those things that make you happy. But while living in the present, it should also be kept that our present will create our future, so do whatever you think so that the present does not bother you later by becoming the past. Living in the present is good art that makes life easier for all.
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