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    A sweet that should be tasted by all

    Andhra Pradesh is in the top of the list of states of India in alphabetic order. The state is basically an agricultural state and people in this state are well known for their good behaviour. East Godavari is a district in this state and the lands in this district are fertile and gives a good yield. The people of this district are very receptive and they are really good hosts.
    The district is having very specialised sweets and one will definitely relish these sweets. People who like sweets will enjoy various types of sweets available here. Kakinada is the capital city of this district. In Kakinada, you will get a special variety of sweet known as Kakinada Kotiah Kaja. Whenever I visit this place I will make it a point to taste at least one Kaja. I will carry one or two kgs to our house.This sweet is specially made by a family in Kakinada and the name Kotiah is the name of the inventor.
    If you have a chance to visit this city please taste this sweet without fail. A sweet that should be tasted by all.
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    Yes, it is true. Kakinada Kaja is a very famous sweet in the East Godavari district of A.P. Similarly, in the same district, a village called Tapeswaram is famous for Madatha Kaja and Pootharekulu. This Madatha Kaja is prepared with jaggery and Pootharekulu is made with sugar. They are the famous sweets in this place. At my young age when I am working in this district as a Lecturer in a Residential college, we used to get quite often that famous sweet Madatha Kaja from a famous sweet shop for Rs.40 a Kg. One can get those sweets online by typing Tapeswaram Khaja in the browser. Similarly, AP is famous for sweets like Ghee Ariselu, ghee made Bobbatlu, etc.

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    I'm quite fond of sweets Dr Rao, this Kanja sweet seems very interesting too. Will check this out, can it be bought online?

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    After hearing the word sweet mixed with AP, Kakinada, Kotiah Kaja, Madatha Kaja and Pootharekulu, my mouth started watering. Alas! I am a diabetic and cannot physically taste sweets, but can think and long for such sweets. If I get an opportunity to visit the places mentioned by the author, I would certainly taste few pieces of those special Andhra sweets.

    In fact, Andhra is famous for spicy food, and I tasted it while in Visakhapatnam.

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    Andhra Pradesh has some famous sweets and savouries and one of them has been mentioned by the author in this post. Long back, I had some experience of a local sweet that I had bought in Rajamundary. I was told that there is one home shop where that special sweet was prepared and one can buy it from there. It was a white an grey coloured sweet called Peda in Hindi. So, I bought that and when I offered that to my colleagues in Chennai everyone appreciated it. It was full of milk taste and I also liked it much. That time cashew was also available very cheap in Rajamundary and we bought some packets of that also.
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    After reading this post I want to visit the Tapeshwaram Kaja sweet house located near Radhika theater on the way to ECIL cross roads which is famous for the Kaja sweet mentioned by the author. Though they seems to be authentic sweet shop what the author has been referring, I still feel that the originality may be missing as regards to the taste of the special sweet of Kakinada. It is the fact that every place across the country is famous for one sweet or the other dishes, and Kakinada Kaja has earned the reputation of good special variety. I believe the same family also offers to make the Big Laddu for the Khairatabad Ganesh every year and that Laddu would be distributed to the public on the last day of offerings. Some sweet houses are famous like the Pulla Reddy sweets at Nampally road in Hyderabad which cannot be resisted for pure ghee sweets.
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    What is this sweet made of? Can you attach a self-taken photo of the sweet?
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    Tapeswaram Maratha kaja is different from Kakinada kotaiaha kaja but Tapeswaram village is in the same district. The largest laddu donated for Khairatabad Ganesh is from Tapeswaram only and that shop is famous for madatha Kaja.

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    I want to add one point about the " Kotiah Kaja". The postal department released a postal cover with photographs of the sweet in January this year. This is a great honor and recognition for the sweet. This sweet which has nearly 120 years of history is popularly known as Kakinada Kaja.
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    Thank you Ramakrishna Garu for providing the links for the items. Actually, I thought of covering Tapeswaram Madatha Kaata in another thread. But anyhow that has come in the discussions here itself. Our native place is near Tapeswaram. But now I am staying in Hyderabad and hence I can't attach photos now. But the links given by you will give them the pictures of the items.
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    It is good to know that this dessert is so popular. I hope that I may also get a chance that I can come to that area and taste this special sweet. India is a country of diversities and peculiarities because the art, culture, and food like here you will find it very difficult in any other country. After walking a little distance here, the language, lifestyle and food habits change. Every state, village, town has its own distinct identity. Each and every state reflects a different culture, and most importantly, food.
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    Ramakrishna, it would be nice if you avoid providing links that may appear to be promotional.
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    Sweets we cannot ignore by saying same sugar or jaggary and ghee. The preparation methods are different according to states and places. We should enjoy without commenting or criticizing. I enjoyed very much gujarati jilebi, Udupi (karnataka) banana halwa, sweets from Pulla Reddy of Hyderabad.

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