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    What is the use of aerial surveys by the leaders in disaster areas?

    The country faces many disasters like floods, cyclones, drought, earthquakes, etc.,. The disaster management officials immediately proceed to such areas to carry out relief works, assess the damage and the quantum of assistance required to the people suffered in the disaster. They are experts in their fields and plan disaster management.
    We often see the leaders of the parties in power making aerial surveys in such disaster-hit areas. In spite of witnessing the actual damage, they have to ultimately depend upon the reports of the disaster management teams and the respective State Governments. The so-called leader's visits are a hindrance to the relief work going on there as the officials are engaged in looking after the arrangements for the leaders' visits. These leaders know nothing and cannot understand the extent of damage by going on an aerial survey. They can as well see the satellite images from their office and try to understand them through official reports. These visits cost the exchequer a lot of money. No useful purpose is served by the aerial surveys by these people. It is time the leaders learn not to misuse public money.
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    This is not only an interesting post but has highlighted the wastage of Govt money. Aerial survey does not serve any purpose and when we are seeing everything on the satellite images they can also very well see it and assess the situation. I remember the serial 'Yes Prime Minister' in which the secretary tells the Minister time to time as what is to be done, where to survey, where to give speech etc and as soon as the secretary tells the schedule the Minister becomes very serious and without thinking heads for that activity. I think same thing is happening today and when the plane is ready someone comes and tells that plane is ready for aerial survey and the leader dashes for it. Ridiculous but true.
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    While the author has every right to question the wastage of expenses through the aerial survey, but what I feel that such surveys bring in overall grim situation to light and from the ground level one cannot reach such places as the water is spread everywhere and there is no reduction of the storm water to even let out. Moreover the officials of state and central govt would be accompanying to bring the full loss and assessment so that the states would say the exact amount of damage and central govt has to abide. But many a time the central govt gives pittance against the claim of huge money.
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    Those people whom we elect as our representatives and send them to parliament or assembly are VIPs. If they take a ride on an aeroplane to know about the effect of the natural disaster in a particular area, we should be thankful to them for spending there some hours/minutes/seconds for us. This is their greatness because each second of theirs is invaluable.! After all, they are the kings of this age and they are entitled to some dignified protocols too.

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    True. An aerial survey serves no purpose. Only thing is the leader may be able to witness the plight of the people and the people may get satisfied by seeing that a big leader spent some of his time for visiting them. This also gives political leaders some advantage. For that political advantage, only these leaders undertake such aerial surveys.
    This is a waste of money paid by us in the form of taxes.
    If that money is spent on the people who got affected then it will be very useful and the real victims will get benefitted. A senior-most minister may undertake a normal visit after the things improved and have a word with the people who suffered. But undertaking an aerial view and wasting money shouldn't be encouraged.
    But in our country, political leaders will never think of wasting money. They think how much they can gain for their pocket on that trip. There is no sincerity in the actions of these leaders.

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