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    Why so many government employees go for dis-honest earning despite getting severe punishments?

    We know politicians are most commonly known for their dis-honest earnings. But one more one section of some people are government employees. Some of the government employees, especially working as Tahasildars, land revenue officers, employees of revenue departments are accumulating crores of rupees as their property during their lifetime. Some get scotfree during their lifetime and enjoying their lives with that money for several generations. In AP and Telangana many such employees were red-handedly caught by ACB or anti-corruption authorities. Many of these culprits amassed hundreds and thousands of crores of money in a corrupt way. Many of these get severe punishments like imprisonment but no one in these cadres is feared by these punishments but day by day new cases coming to light. Why people are not feared by punishments or losing their jobs? But what we are seeing those who caught red-handedly but there are so many people who were not caught? But if we count all such money that will be in lakhs of crores held by few corrupt people. What is the solution for it?
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    Probably, we are habituated with such loots and misappropriation of money while remaining in service. Thanks to revenue department offering employees illegal routs to grab money. The tahsildars are paid modest salaries due to their low raking status in their designations, but their incomes are beyond the imagination of the common public. Sometimes they retire from their jobs without any adverse reports, though they might have amassed huge properties with illegal means. They are not afraid of being caught since they are of opinion that they have passed on the their shares on regular basis. Hence, they feel that they were have developed immunity against the nefarious designs and they would not be trapped. Very few officials are being entrapped and hence the degree of fearness is minimal.

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    Having seen the huge earnings by the IT Industry employees the govt servants feel that they are less paid and their perks are also very low. But they are unable to understand one factor that their job is more secure and fail to guard the same and thus indulge in corrupt ways only to be caught by vigilance agencies or anti corruption bureau. What amuses me that the so called ACB never raided the big corrupt officials but chanced upon small cheating and fraud committing employees who may be nabbed for just accepting the bribe of 1000 or so. Nevertheless the bribe is the bribe and there is no excuse for corruption and they need to be punished. But what I feel that high end corrupt officials and employees may be having feelers inside the ACB who may alert them as they escape from the net of arrest.
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    The Govt employees who are doing corruption are not alone in this action. There is a chain of people and money distributed up to the top level. It is all in the knowledge of Ministers also. So even if one person is caught many come ahead to save him. It is a nexus. So when a few of them get punishment then we think that the disease is cured. It is not like that as many are there whom no one has touched. They are still minting money.
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    Make hay while the sun shines, maybe their philosophy. They can enjoy their life till they were caught. At the same time, his family can enjoy their lives even though the officer is in Jail. The chances of getting punished are less. They may not get caught. Even they get caught there are courts. The process can get delayed. If one court confirms the punishment, he has another court as his option. By the time all these processes are over. his active life will be over. His old age can be spent in jail with government funds. This may be thinking of an employee who is making money.
    In a government office, it is not that only one employee is talking money. There will be shares in the money to all employees in the office and all will never get caught. Only one person will be made the scapegoat and all other people will enjoy. The other people who never caught will try to help the family of the person who got the punishment.

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