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    As a child what movie you liked most and why?

    Usually children like movies mythological or fantasy or children-oriented movies in childhood time. Such movies make a great impact on them and they never forget such movies even they become elder. In my childhood time, I watched the movie 'Papam Pasivadu'. It is a children-oriented movie where a child is the hero of the movie. The child belongs to a rich family and was contacted with a dangerous TB disease at that time. Parents send the child along with his uncle to a foreign country in a special flight run by his uncle. Because of a sudden heart attack, his uncle gets the flight safely landed down in a desert and died. So the child lost communication with parents. Now how the child able to survive in the desert along with his pet dog and finally able to meet the parents is the story. The heart touching scenes of this movie touch anybody's heart. At that time for advertisement, the moviemakers dropped pamphlets of the movie from the flight in our school too. Some of my school children caught hold of these pamphlets and is a kind of entertainment at that time. Actually, this movie was produced by great AVM productions and followed a very different advertisement at that time. Members, share your childhood experience with such movies.
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    When I was a child many movies impressed me such as Dhana Veera Soora Karna starring NTR and also a movie called Nomu in which a snake has acted very well. Since it was the childhood we were looking for fighting and acting from various animals the NTR film which had he shooting performed near our house and impressed me to see the movie for three times and I had seen the Nomu for the sheer vengeance attitude of the snake and that was well made. In Tamil also I liked the movie called Gouravam starring Shivaji Ganesan as that movie had the dual role of him which goes into clash mode between father and son and that was well created movie. Even a old movie with love story called Nizhalgal was very good and impressive. So I can name many movies which not only captivated me but also the others,
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    Spiritual, comedy, suspense films along with cartoons are the films which I loved to watch as a youngster. These days it is very difficult to make up Sunday's evening special films in Kannada or Tamil.
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    Papam Pasivadu is a very good movie. I think this movie I have seen when I was in high school. SV Ranga Rao is the father of the boy, the main character of the movies. A very good movie. The plight of the boy who was alone in the desert is really pitiable. As there was no food for him he used to eat whatever is available and he eats eggs of snakes and other birds. This is definitely a very good movie.
    The movie I liked in my childhood is LavaKusa. This is the first colour movie of Telugu cinemafield. Those days this movie created history and even today no other movies broke the record created by this movie. NTR as Rama did extremely well and earned a good name in the industry. He became the screen God and many such pictures came starring NTR as Rama or Krishna. An excellent movie and almost all the actors did an excellent job and we can't forget that picture even after so many years.

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    The movie which I liked very much is "Maya Bazaar". It was released in 1957. Even after more than 60 years, the movie looks good technically. We do not feel like watching an old movie that is slow. The photography techniques used look very good even now. The two top heroes of that time were there and the action of late Savithri was very good. It is a musical hit also. I saw it many times.
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    I have always grown up watching movies of Amitabh Bachchan and have seen his almost all the movies and movie which I saw several times is Sholey. Apart from AB's movies I have always liked Wo saat din, Maasoom, Kranti, Jane bhi do yaaro and many more films like that. I have always liked the comedy movies rather than the serious ones. Now a days after being grown up I don't like movies of these days.

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