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    By opting work from home are you giving extra hours work to company?

    I have been closely watching the IT employees and the Software Engineers who have opted work from home and start logging in at 8 am in the morning and logging out invariably after finishing the day's task either by 7 pm or even up to 8 pm. That means invariably the employees are giving more man hours as they are saving the traveling time to and fro which was otherwise working to nearly four hours daily. The companies are more happy with this WFH option as they are getting more output from each employee hassle free. Are you putting more man hours daily?
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    True. The IT employees and in fact all the employees who are working from home are facing these problems. No time limit. Many times they are not even getting time to have their lunch and tiffins. My two sons are in IT and they both are working from home. Daily they will be sitting before their Laptops almost for 12 to 14 hours. They start at 9 AM and they will be continuing their work up to almost 10 PM or 11 PM. Sometimes even on weekly off days also, they are being disturbed for some information. When these people start complaining, their seniors say that anyhow you can't go anywhere and you will be in the house. What is the problem if we call you? My sons say almost all the employees are facing this problem. Sometimes these IT employees are feeling that it is better to go to the office and work rather than working from home. In the office, they will have definite slots for lunch and snacks. The vehicles will start back on time so that these people can also start on time.
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    Being in a manufacturing unit I cannot work from home but I have heard that people who work from home have to work more harder than they used to do when they used to work in the office.

    Moreover they don't have the work schedule like they used to have while they work in offices. Employer also ask them to give extra hours. These days when many of us lose their jobs in the lockdown so we're easily compromising with anything the employer says and that's the reason why employer also asks to give some extra hours for work when at home as they know in this difficult time no one is going to leave the job or going to say anything for it. Also from the employee perspective they think when they are saving their transit time then why cannot they utilise that time in the work to complete their targets.


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    Sure, It is inevitable. When we go to office we can start from there in time or at least half an hour late. But when we work from home, it seems to be we are working leisurely but in fact we work more hour than office hours. The only thing is changing climate that is all. If any official asks any question or clarification in the odd hours, we cannot refuse or hesitate to reply.

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