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    Will the Google index if we use best Hindi words in middle of content?

    Hindi has become more famous and Google has the presence in India and it must brace up to accept the fact that Hindi has been widely used and written during the social messaging and the words are appearing in other social media then what stops ISC for not allowing us to use the appropriate words in between during the content writing in the forum, article section or in ask experts pages. The time has come for the Google to accept the fact that Hindi has to be recognized and given the due reference if we mention in the write ups.
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    Google accepts contents in major languages and there is no problem for Hindi in it. In fact there are some Hindi news sites which Google has well accepted and they are linked successfully with Google news also. At the same time Google discourages mixed contents and requires that the content writers should stick to one language only whichever it is. So, I am afraid putting a few Hindi or Tamil or Telugu or Gujarati words in between our content would not be taken up sportingly by Google. There must be some reason for it may be a technical reason for search engine algorithm for that but they prefer content in one particular language only.
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    I think Google search will go by the Keywords and if the keywords are in English, there may not be any problem in getting visibility in Google search.
    Google now started recognising other languages also and we are seeing many adds on Google in Hindi and other regional languages also. So we can search in those languages also and we have to select the language we want and search in that.
    But mix up of English and other languages may not be accepted by Google in keywords. If your content is in English and the keywords are in another language Google may not accept I feel.

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    Mohan, please refer to our guidelines in this connection. And what do you mean by 'best' Hindi words? Could you bring in more clarity?

    And is your doubt about Google indexing Hindi words or ISC not allowing direct usage of Hindi/ any other regional language? Being a Platinum member and having been associated with this site for so long, I am sure you must be aware that we accept only English.

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    If we use Hindi words in between the content running matter, it would add the extra flavor to the write up as the language is connected to all.
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