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    Do you like to keep pet animals in your house? Why or why not?

    Have a pet at home? Share your reasons for having it and your experiences of looking after it or your reasons for not having any pet at all.

    Some people have great intentions and are fond of having pet animals in their houses. Some people don't like it for various reasons. Most people like to keep a dog as their pet animal. They show more care for the pet animal than what care they to show for themselves. For observers, it appears that they are so mad for such a kind of hobby. Some people are interested to have parrots, tortoises, pigeons, etc. as pet animals. I like to grow various plants in my garden as a hobby but I don't like to keep pet animals in my house. Members do you have such interest in having and maintaining the upkeep of pet animals? Share your interesting experiences with us.
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    I did not have any interest in pets during my student life and no one in our family had any interest in it. But we saw many people having pets in their houses and it appeared as thing of amusement only. When I left my native place for pursuing a livelihood in the other places then I got a job in a national company and was posted in Assam state and the place where I stayed was full of stray animals. I saw some kittens loitering behind my small quarter in the company campus and one day I just called one of them in curiosity and to my surprise it came to me as if it was my old time friend. It came near me and started to snuggle on my feet. I could not control myself and took it in my lap and it became so much happy and in pleasure of company closed its eyes and relaxed. I did not know where it lived but I saw it going with its mother cat wherever she took them. Suddenly on the call of its mother it jumped and ran towards her as she was standing behind the next house seeing towards me with doubts and apprehensions in her mind. Other kittens feared me and did not come near me but this particular one was very gregarious and affectionate.
    After a few days I saw the same kitten sitting in the backyard aimlessly and its mother and brothers were not seen around. I opened the door and it ran to me as if meeting after a long time. This affectionate behaviour of the kitten made me to realise that day why people keep pets. During my stay in that place for 4 years that kitten occasionally came to my house and I gave it some small eatables also and in fact it grew in a big cat by that time but its behaviour with me was same. I do not know whether it was pet in some house or was roaming like a stray cat but it was a great source of amusement for me whenever it came to my house.
    This was the turning point in my life and my attitude towards the animals changed significantly and I realised that they are the lovely companions.

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    I don't have an interest to keep a pet at home and the reason being I don't have an enough space at home to keep a pet. As we all are aware that pets like dog and others require open space to live. Also one has to work hard to grow them as you need to give them bath and need to look after their eating schedule. If one can take up all such responsibilty then only should keep a pet otherwise not.

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    Pets play an important role in the family. In today's time, most parents have to face a problem and that is to be lazy. Most of the children are sitting at home or playing video games or on the phone or TV. But if you have a pet in your house then you do not need to worry about the physical activity of the child. I believe that a pet is a source of unbreakable love, and at the same time, teaches us to express feelings like love among others. Of course, having a pet at home means big responsibility. We should reflect well on which animal is best for our occupant characteristics, and note that being domesticated involves economic costs and constant attention. Given these benefits, there are countless benefits that come with our Can bring to life, are clear. All members of the family, both young and old, can benefit from them.
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    I have no interest in keeping a pet animal in our house. If we have a pet in our house, the work for the housewives will increase as she has to take care of food and other needs of the pet. When we have to go on tour we don't know where to leave them and how to manage food for them. We have to keep them with some known families. But it will be a disturbance for them.
    My sons have some interest to have some pets. They promised me that they will do the service and see that their mother will not get burdened. So we brought two tortoises and started taking care of them. But we faced a lot of problems with them. When we were out somebody has to come and feed them. We have to give the house keys to them. My sons completed their education and joined in employment. So they are not finding the time. Hence we have given them to a nearby temple where there are a pond and many tortoises.

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    I like pet animals, but I don't like to keep them at home because of many reasons. Since I have a very small family, it is very difficult to maintain it, especially when all the members leave home, it would be very difficult to care the pets. Pet is fit for larger families where someone will be present at home to care the pets. Among the pets, I like only dogs which are grateful to human beings, and they listen, understand and act.

    After watching many videos about people owning monkeys as their pets, I too feel that I should have a monkey with me. Its behvior would be different than a doggie.

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    Having pet in the house is good if the house is individual. If it is an apartment, it is very difficulty to have a pet even a bird or parrot, we have to get permission from the neighborhood or association. I have seen many people take their pet dog on roads for walk. They run behind their dogs. A friend of mine told by seeing this as,'poor is running on road behind goat but rich behind dog'.

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    Pets are a great company and that is one main reason why people keep them in the house. They are also stress busters and that is the second main reason why people usually have the for that purpose.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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