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    Please reserve advertisements for any session, post-login

    It is extremely understandable that ISC would earn substantial amount of money through advertisements and their possible link to Google, though am unable to fathom how this pans out.

    Be that as it may, here is just a small request, the merit of which may please be considered and implemented, if possible. I repeat, if possible. For instance, I have noticed at least one advertisement prop up when I try to login. This advertisement blocks my access to the vital password; am unable to locate the window, since the advertisement assumes the role , similar to that of a villian in a Rajnikant movie. I have to first close the advertisement and it's particular window. This does take time and by the time I get to do it, my mood is gone. The various thought patterns that enter my head when I conceptualise a new article( this is my cup of tea and bread and butter at ISC), are temporarily disturbed.

    I then sit for a while and recollect all thoughts and then start writing typing the article. When I use the mobile, the advertisements disturb me more than when I use the regular computer at home; when am on the move, I need to type largely on the mobile, even when am in a car, with the help of my driver.

    Kindly consider this request of mine. The ads can appear on any other screen.
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    Pl read login in the above thread.

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    Yes, sometimes an ad may be quite distracting. May I suggest - when you are conceptualizing an article, why not type it out in a Word doc on your computer first? Only when it is fully complete you could log in. That way closing an ad will not really come in the way of disturbing or distracting your thoughts. Just as articles and other content are your bread and butter, ads are for ISC. It is due to these ads generating revenue, as you yourself have pointed out, that in the first place we are getting cash credits.

    If you are talking about posting content while on the move and through your mobile, you could avoid this if the ads are a hindrance. Instead, just use the Notes feature on your phone to put down your thoughts and on returning home then only log in and put up the content.

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    Advertisements are very important for earning revenue and they can't avoid these advertisements. Many times the ads cover the content also. But we have to go with it.
    Even in our forum index and posted threads, we are seeing the adds and sometimes they are giving problems in posting and opening also. But we can't avoid. We have to continue with them. It is good for the site and also to the members if more and more ads are placed on our pages and the visitors are clicking on them.

    always confident

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