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    Why is the election commission silent on rallies?

    Covid 19 has been accepted as a permanent disease in our country and apparently,, we are reluctant to get it eliminated utterly. Lately, we have seen how social distancing was badly violated in Bihar, now in Hyderabad, local elections are going on in Telangana. Leaders are organizing election rallies and a large number of people are being mobilized by local leaders and grass-root party workers. Only the leaders are shown wearing a mask on stage, indeed, it will protect them from infections but what about a large crowd. Why are they playing with the lives of people? Are election rallies necessary to be organized during the election campaign? Where is election commission which held a press conference on the day when vote-counting was being held in Bihar, saying that counting was being done slowly because of corona? I don't know what should be the role of the election commission in this matter. Technically, the election commission should be responsible for all this violation of guidelines during political rallies. But we see that it is silently watching big crowd in rallies.
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    True. The leaders are encouraging the party workers to participate in rallies. But they are not advising them on safety aspects I don't know. They can give them a mask and ask them to where whenever they participate in such rallies. This is not correct on the part of these leaders.
    The election commission may give code of conduct. But not the safety aspects of the individuals. The individual has to take care of their health and safety. Who will guide them? These people are aged and earning members of their families. So they have to take care of their health.
    There is no discipline in these people. They never worry about and rules and regulations. If EC bans the processions the political parties will start questioning them and they may even go to courts.

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    What I feel is the EC is there to oversee the complete poll process and to question/punish the leaders for violation of code of conducts. When people are queueing up to cast their votes in large numbers can they say anything regarding public rallies organised by various political parties? The social distancing and other norms in place are not followed in many places and for that, a few state governments are planning to impose fines. I think we all need to follow the preventive measures irrespective of whether there are any specific guidelines from the authorities or not. In the present situation, holding elections is not a good idea and since that is allowed, banning gathering altogether by the political parties may not seem logical to the Election Commission (EC).

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    I think election commission should limit the maximum number of people in rallies. We saw during lockdown that 5 people were allowed in marriage and maximum 20 in funeral procession. So for rallies it may limit like 500 or 1000 people with mask .

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    For the first time we have seen the national leaders participating in the local civic party elections and thus the quotient of polls has been hyped to the greater extent and naturally when the national leaders descend to the local areas the rank and file of the party would be over enthusiastic and get the right amount of energy. Even TRS and AIMIM which are the holders of present Mayor position, has not expected that BJP would rope in the national leaders for the campaign which ended yesterday. Surely there has been shift in the thinking process of the people and want a change but as the author said the covid rules were gone for six as the locals were not following the social distancing nor wearing the mask and thus exposed to the virus for sure. Hyderabad is already experiencing the second wave of infections and these rallies would further escalate the cases.
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    Very interesting contemporary observation made by the author. We should not allow rallies in physical mode. Whatever they want to do let them do in online like in TV or social media. There is no need of the rallies. It is only to show their muscle strength perhaps. In many countries and also in our country when a mob or big gathering is gathered for rally or protest or any agitation then it is a big problem for the Govt to tackle it. We have seen it happening in past in so many occasions where police only tried to disburse them with some water jet or smoke or something like that so that they go away but are not harmed. But that also police do as a last resort. If the gathering is not sitting on the road and not blocking the traffic and peacefully doing it in a field, police does not mind and just keeps a vigil on them. We have seen so many protest during CAA and now we are seeing it happening at Delhi border the so called farmer's stir. So when a big gathering is there Govt simply acts like an observer only to act when there is violence or destruction by the mob. Election rally is a big gathering and Election Commission can only ask Govt to not allow it and that is all. What Govt will do is we have seen so many times. Please note any Govt whosoever, is helpless when there is a big gathering. You can't call army everywhere. Why people are participating in these rallies? Are they not a responsible citizen of the country or they are happy with some money and lunch for that day?
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    @K Mohan: Result will tell which party is going to hold power in local elections. However, it is sure that you are going to vote for BJP.

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    Due to social distancing during the Covid-19 situation it is implied that no gathering or rally should take place in any form and Police can very well stop them even without the instructions of Election Commissioner. The problem is that our governance is so weak that even after the instructions issued by the Election Commissioner, Police will not be able to stop these people and will be like spectator standing on the side.
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