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    Adulteration of food items is a cause of malnutrition.

    Nowadays it is the time of any festival, the business of adulteration of food items starts gaining momentum. Adulterers only see their profits. They have nothing to do with the health of others. For those who sell adulterated goods cannot succeed in their cause, you have to be sensible yourself. A little information while shopping for food items can save you and your family from getting sick. In today's era, everything to be eaten is pure, it is not necessary. Due to increasing competition in business, adulteration is seen everywhere. Somewhere there is the adulteration of water in milk, sometimes there is color in spices. Milk, tea, sugar, lentils, grains, turmeric, fruits, flour, oil, ghee, etc. are being adulterated in all such household use items. That is, even after spending full money, we are not able to get pure food. Adulteration is done so cleanly that it becomes difficult to differentiate between real foods and adulterated foods. The time has come for us to stop messing with our health and know-how to identify adulterated foods.
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    Rightly said by the author. Some manufacturers who are unable to meet the consistent demand are unable to maintain their manufacturing quotient and thus resorting to adulteration to meet the requirement of all. We came across the adulteration of milk packets , the mirchi powder packs. and even cooking oil quality is compromised by mixing the palm oil with that of refined oil and so on. Even the meat is adulterated to add other available sources of ingredients which cannot be mentioned here. So never get bowled by the attractive packing but the content matters and that is known only after the use.
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    Adulteration is an age old vice in the business world and there are some which one cannot distinguish easily. For example Papaya seeds in black pepper. For everything these people have a solution. There are small scale machines where stones are broken in small pieces of the size of the material and then 2-3 kg of stones are mixed in a bag of the material like rice, pulses, spices etc. If you clean these things you will be surprised to see same sized stones which do not occur in nature and definitely they are men made. Govt catches these defaulters time to time but they do work in some small lanes in some obscure place and go unnoticed. All sort of chemicals and additives are mixed in the food items to increase their lives at the cost of decreasing our lives. It is sad that we are consuming these items as we do not have any other alternative. Even the genuine organic items are adulterated and if not then they are beyond our pockets.
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    Adulteration is a real big problem these days hunting almost all the people. Less costly material is mixed in costly material and sells them as a costly material has become very common these days. Money making is the only goal. Nothing else. No ethics and no norms. Get as much money as you can get. Mixing stone pieces in rice or food grains has become very common. Some harmful materials are also mixed some food items. The health of the user may get spoiled. But the seller and the manufacturer will get more profits.
    The user should be careful. He should not hesitate to pay a little more for a quality product rather than settling for less quality material which will make him spend more money making his health alright. In case if we see some food which is adulterated, we should complain to the concerned authorities and see that the culprit will get punished.

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    A relative returned from Saudi Arab after 3 years. He had to stay for 3 months but returned after a month because he fell sick. He went to Delhi to consult a good doctor and the doctor told him secret of his bad health and sickness- the adulterated food. In Saudi Arab, what adulterated food is, local people don't know. If any businessman commits this crime he will be sentenced "death penalty or imprisonment till death"

    Adulteration in edible items is the worst crime. Because adulterated food items are like slow poison, especially, to children. Adulteration in food is a criminal act is known to perpetrators, nevertheless, business is going on in full swing, the reason is that if consumers complain to the concerned department, the matter is settled by an exchange of bribe and clean chit.

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    Business people generally go for adulteration intentionally to enhance their profits. But they do not know that one day their family members will also be victim of same adulteration. One should not only think for ones profit only, we have a duty towards the human beings in general. We should not be so cruel that for making profit we take the life of others. Adulteration is a criminal offence.
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