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    Is now our country a corruption-free state?

    When UPA government was in power we used to listen to the news of scams quite often like Coal scam, 2G scam etc. Electronic as well as print media was actively exposing the UPA government and people were aware of the worst period of corruption in the country. People were raising their voice against frequent incidents of corruption. Opposition parties were making hue and cry on every platform, from streets to parliament corruption was talk of the days. We used to see how parliament proceedings would be disrupted by opposition parties. They were playing their role as an active opposition in parliament. And then came a man out of blue. It's Anna Hazare, who came on the street to mobilize people and initiated a movement against corruption and appealed the people to topple a corrupt government. Intellectuals, writers, actors, teachers, doctors, businessmen, students, women activists, media personnel even common people were seen in support of Anna Hazare. We saw corrupt ministers were jailed and in 2014 we witnessed the emergence of BJP as the light of hope in the age of darkness. People elected them to make India a corruption-free state. Our prime minister had promised the nation when he came in power to eliminate the monster of corruption.

    Now we have no news about Lokpal that he is receiving any complaint about corruption. He has no work to do. I don't know if any political leader or minister or high-rank-officer has been declared corrupted by Lokpal. Media is also satisfied with this state of the country. We don't hear any news about high-level corruption in the media. Now we don't require any Anna Hazare anymore. We don't see opposition parties raising their voice in parliament. All these evidence prove that India is like Denmark, an almost corruption-free state of the world.

    What do you think?
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    There are no big scams involving the ministers or other leaders. We are not hearing anything regarding scams. The only scam we heard is about Rafel guns and Congress made a lot of voice telling about the corruption involved in it. But the Supreme court gave a clean chit to the government.
    As mentioned by the author, even the opposition parties also are not bringing out any such scams or even news agencies also are not talking about this. But many complaints are being aired saying that the government is encouraging the corporate sector and the are giving more importance to some corporates. We don't know the sanctity of this unless otherwise it is proved.
    Now people are believing that there is no corruption at the highest level. But corruption is there everywhere in the offices and people are paying from their noses and surviving.

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    In fact, the current time has been critical with the surge of corona and hence our governments both at the centre and the state are preoccupied with the tackling this menace. Hence at present, there is not any issue bigger than corona pandemic.
    Even the opposition are silent on the corruption issue. Though our economy has seen the negative impact due to less / sluggish productions of the industries, escalation of nap assets of banks, lay off of the staffs due to sluggish demand but the corruption angle is missing. It is quite possible that both the government and the public are anxiously thinking how best the economy can be reversed to a better phase so as to benifits the people.

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    Corruption is there, but not made public. There is no major corruption, but minor corruption that goes under the carpet. The corruption that existed during UPA regime is not with the BJP regime. All are doing their homework properly to avoid getting caught. Also, the opposition leaders are not able to find out the corrupt holes that are not visible to them. Corruption in high level has decreased, but corruption in low level continues to remain the same.
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    I do not think that corruption has ended. Only thing we can infer is that it is definitely reduced from the earlier extent. Today the top leader in our country is honest and has no wealth accumulated in his name or family members and that is the reason that people under him are afraid to do any mischief in this regard. So big value corruptions are not being heard and so far so good but lower level corruption is rampantly going in offices and other important places where licenses are given or revenue records are maintained. People doing it silently and appearing sober from outside. One thing which has helped much in lowering the corruption is online transactions and applications in which the state Govt and central Govt offices were earlier had a lot of scope for corruption. One thing from my experience which I can vouch is that corruption cannot be eradicated and it can only be reduced to bearable levels. People are very smart and clever and as soon as they get opportunity they will make money. They are not afraid of law and police also as they believe that they can pay there some part of it and escape its clutches easily.
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