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    Company of optimistic people makes your life easier.

    Many times we get stuck in the company of some people, who always sit with the cry of their sorrows. They do not know how to be happy in life. It would be good for you to stay away from such people.

    If we go on determined that whatever we think today, we will think well then our day will surely go well. We can do the same experiment for a week, then see what changes in your life. Whenever you are disappointed, then you should befriend some people in your group who are cheerful and energetic.

    Staying in touch with them will give you new inspiration and frustration will get lost in your life.
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    There is a proverb 'Better to be alone than in bad company' and the topic of the thread reminds me of this proverb. A bad company may not always mean that the companions are harmful in nature. It may also mean a company that makes you feel bad. Feeling optimistic and cheerful is a must and if the company of people you are with always makes you sad, you need to find a company that will make you joyful. Otherwise, better to stay alone and enjoy yourself.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Right, optimistic people scatter positivity and provide joyful moments even the disappointed and upset ones feel excited at the quips that the optimistic person utters. It is the quality of some people who like to shower some jokes and lit the atmosphere of optimism. Blessed are the people who are having the ability to entertain people and provide bruised souls with a ting of satisfaction and joy.
    Life is a journey of a struggle sometimes filled with happiness and sometimes brings with it moments of grief and disappointment. Being upset and feeling sad is part of life. But overcoming this situation is important. A person with bad mood looks unpleasant and becomes colourless. Sadness snatches the peace of mind. There is nothing better than searching for positivity that lifts the soul of an individual. Optimism helps retain some light feelings and soothes the soul of a person.

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    True. Be optimistic and be with optimistic people. That will make you always happy. Some people for no reason always will be in a sorrowful mood and feel as if they have lost everything in their lives. If we spend our time with such people we will also go into that mood and we will never feel happy. Instead of that if we spend our time with people who always will be expecting good to happen and optimistic about their lives, we will also become optimistic and we will have a lot of fun and happiness in our lives.
    The best examples for this are Karna and Arjuna. Karna is in the company of Salya who always anticipated defeat to them. But Arjuna was with Lord Krishna who always expected victory for them. Ultimately Karna lost in the war and Arjuna is victorious.

    always confident

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