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    The melodious song of birds re-heard in the silence of the people

    The sound of a brown bird is falling in the ears in the morning on the roof of the house. With lockdown, not only humans but also birds have changed their routine. Brahma Muhurta i.e., waking up early in the morning, there are different types of sparrows around us. Normally, birds that sing on the roof at six o'clock, these days start giving voice only five o'clock.

    When the sound of vehicles, temple bells, and the azaan of the mosque slow down around us, the tweets of birds are heard clearly. On the roads, the number of birds on the trees along the roof of the house, locality, and road is seen throughout the day. The black-white bird with a black beak is singing. The bird is singing loudly in a happy posture. The black-blue shining bird sings like a bumblebee. All these are happy these days and their voice is also heard around us.

    These birds sing songs, go far and wide for their scarecrow and children's food. Earlier, these birds used to sing a lot, but we could not hear the noise. But now when peace is increased in our life, their sweet voice is heard by us. Finally, we are enjoying the bird's voice again on the terrace of our house.

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    Seeing the birds in the morning near our terrace is definitely a beautiful experience and author has presented it very nicely. Songs of the birds and their chirping is the sweetest thing that nature has given to us and we must enjoy this whenever we get an opportunity near our house or in outdoors while moving from one place to other. Life near the nature is always a pleasant experience.
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    Birds are visible in a place where human intervention is limited. As suggested the chirping sounds can be heard early in the morning after that city's noise pollution distracts them as well as people.
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    The author has beautifully depicted a morning scene when birds rise earlier than Man and they start chirping and twittering in their sweet voice. It sounds very amazing. Morning breeze gives a soothing effect and freshness to mind and heart. Everywhere seems to be tranquility and peace. Often, also I try to get up early. It looks nice to see an ambience of freshness. Early rising always inspires me to do for morning walk. I come out of locality and walk towards the jungle. Only farmers who are going to their fields can be seen. Some of them go riding on their respective bullock carts. Some random people like me who are accustomed to morning walk or jogging can be seen too. After two three kilometres I return.

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    Probably the author has missed the intricacies of the image to which the tow topic was sought and gone out of track to mention something else which is not connected to image.
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    These days when we come out early in the morning with my granddaughter, we are very happy to see many sparrows and crows on the trees. They will be flying between the trees and making sounds in a happy mood. This has become common these days post COVID19. It gives a lot of pleasure to all of us when we hear those voices.
    Even in a city like Hyderabad where we never saw a sparrow for days together, now we are able to see them in plenty. It is a good development.

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    In most of the houses where a garden is nearby or there is an in-house garden, it is a common thing to hear the chirping of the birds in the morning and it is a great pleasure to hear those melodies.
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    In the picture we can see the crow also. The voice of the crow is not melodious. No body likes that and these days crow species are not visible. We have to take care of our nature and save birds.
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