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    Crow is a welcome bird

    This thread is to talk about the black bird 'Crow'. Crow is the vehicle for Lord Shani. We see Lord Shani in crows. Crows are harmless birds. Crows live in company with cooperation. Crows teach us what is cooperation in life. Crows always share their food. They are not selfish like human beings.
    Kavi Subramanya Bharathi has said in Tamil '" Kakkai idathil ull orrumai kandu, Vaazhkai Nadathinaal Namaiyundu." means -By looking at the cooperation of the crows, if lead your life on earth, you would benefit."

    During important days, we welcome and offer food first to the crows and then we eat. It is said that our ancestors are living around us in the form of crows.

    #This is my entry for TOW picture contest.
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    This is the good entry for the picture topic raised by the author. But here the small bird is waiting for its turn and that is not crow. Crows are known for cooperating between their groups and sects and not with other birds. And for me the image suggests that the bird has to wait and only to get satisfy with the residue if at all left by the crow. By the way the crow will not leave the food if it has spotted and would immediately highlight and gather other crows also to have the share and therefore the author never talked about the waiting bird and that makes the image more interesting to infer.
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    Yes crow is a welcome bird. It is said when crow caws it is believed that some guest will arrive at home. Also we offer food to the crows because we beleive that we are offering that food to our ancestors.

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    Crow is one of the most common bird in our habitat. It is known as a clever bird as it is supposed to have a better brainpower than the other birds. There is a famous story about a crow in which to bring the water up in a narrow mouth utensil it brings and drops stones and pebbles in it and finally drinks the water which comes up due to the displacement. The story may be true or not but it shows that crow is an intelligent animal and I have also seen it that when we give some biscuit to a stray dog they will dive from nowhere and try to snatch away the biscuit.
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    A crow will love only crows. It loves its own group and cooperates. With the caw of the crow, other crows are invited to join and share the food, or to help a suffering crow. Among the birds, crows are clever and are supreme. Crows won't care other community birds.
    Do the rich worry about the poor? Same is the case with the crow and the other little bird in sight.

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    Crow is very important as per Hindu mythology. The person who died will be roaming around the house for the next days in the form of a crow. That is why we perform 10 days ceremony if somebody dies in our houses. During these 10 days, some food will be kept in banana leaves and kept outside the house. A crow has to come and eat it. Then we all feel that the person who died is satisfied with us. When our grandfather died the first day no crow is coming and eating the food. But a crow was there on the tree. My grandfather was very fond of coffee. So my aunty brought a little coffee and kept near the food. Immediately the crow came, swallowed the coffee and then ate the food also. You may believe or may not believe, I witnessed this incident.
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    Crows use metal wires to build their house along with the twigs, if not found. This is mainly because there is shortage of trees and many industries have flung up. In this picture may be it is in search of one such item required for its nest. Sparrow happens to join in there to have a look.
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    Crow is a clever bird. It always prefers to live in a group. It has to share nature. When I offer food to one crow then immediately a group of crow comes to share the food. It believes in co-operation also. When some incident happens at any place then a group of crow gather there and start caw-caw. When crow does caw-caw more then it indicates that some guest is about to come to our home. Many people consider it as an ancestor.

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    Atleast the crow shares with its own family, but humans stay away to support their own yet will be awarded as great philanthropists, will be visible on the newspapers. Their photos will be exhibited with their action for safeguarding and supporting the society but not their own family.
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    Crow is surely the great bird and tries bring unity in them even if one of the bird was electrocuted and I have seen there is no such cooperation from other birds or beings.
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