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    Kindly recommend me a good Power Bank for use

    Dear Fellow ISCian,
    I am holding a mobile Nokia 2.1 (with 3000 Mah battery).I wish to buy a Power Bank for recharging my battery during the long journeys. There are ample number of Power Bank brands viz Redmi, urbn Saisui, Ambrane, Sony, Philips, Syska etc.

    I am totally confused and not able to select a suitable everlasting perfect brand for use.

    Can you suggest to me an ideal Powerbank brand that I should buy?
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    Philips is a good brand for this and during the festive sale 10000 Mah Philips power bank they offered for Rs.599 on Flipkart. But now the same it is costing Rs.949. Philips give 1 year warranty and other companies only 6 months warranty. I thought of ordering it at that time but not ordered it as I thought that it is not needed much for me. One good feature of this is having 1000 recharge cycles i.e. we can at least charge 1000 times. But the other power banks that you mentioned have 500 recharge cycles only and so I thought of buying Philips power bank.

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    Philips is a reputed company and that is a good choice. Apart from that there are some others as follows -
    1. Xiaomi's 20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i which allows us to charge 2 mobiles simultaneously. Its capacity (mAh) is 20000. Price range Rs 1500 to 2000.
    2. The Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank has a good charging speed. Its capacity (mAh) is 20100. It has two ports. Available around Rs 3200.
    3. Ambrane PP-20 is having capacity of 20,000 mAh. Price Rs 1300.
    4. The MAXOAK is a 50000 mAh capacity. It is high end device. It is costly and is priced at about Rs 30000.

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    Mobiles have become the need of the hour. Charging mobiles with electricity issues is a cumbersome task. This question could be transferred to ask expert section. You could get many more suggestions too. For regular use you can buy a power bank within the range of Rs. 1000/- that would suffice your need.
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    When it comes to power bank, we have to give credence to the best established brands and I feel Philips and Xiaomi can be the best bet for the author.
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    There are many power banks available in market and are easily available in online stores. Some of them are Intex it-pb11k (11000 mAh) Li-Ion - price around Rs 900, Alfa CL 612 (10000 mAh) Li-Ion - price about Rs. 400, Callmate P3 (15000 mAh) Li-Ion - price around Rs. 500, Intex IT-PBA 10K (10000 mAh) Polymer - price about Rs 800. More the mAh rating better the power bank but cost would also increase.
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    I have gone through the reviews for many branded Power Banks. While I see many good reviews, I also see very bad reviews of the reputed Power Banks like Philips, Ambrane, Mi. Redmi etc. Most people complain that the system is not working after a week or a month. The charging time is more. Yet I need to find a Power Bank that is worth buying or leave it to my destiny to get what I deserve.

    Presently, my phone (3000 mah)is required to be charged after 48 hours with normal use. A Power Bank of 10000 mah would help me to recharge three times. 20000 mah would be too large, and it would cost me extra money.

    I am waiting for the Christmas or New year or Pongal offer (if any) to buy a PB for me.

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    Flipkart monthly first 3 day special sale, Flipkart company 10000 Mah power bank is selling at a cost of only Rs.499 at present. It has one year warranty and the charging rate is 12 w. It has 4.2 flipkart consumer's rating.

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    As recommended by Ramki, I went through the reviews for Flipkart Smartbuy 10000 Mah Power Bank. The review suggests to go ahead to buy that product. It costs Rs. 521/- (free delivery) with one year warranty. I ordered it. Item is likely to be delivered by 07 December 2020. I Shall let you all know the performance of the PB after becoming the proud owner of Flipkart smart buy 10000 Mah Power Bank.
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    I received the PB yesterday. Now I am the proud owner of a Flipkart Smartbuy (10000 Mah) PowerBank. Its size, colour and design is superb. It is only a Mobile phone size. After receiving it, I put it for initial charging. It took just 4 hours to have it fully charged. Further, I could charge my Mobile successfully as usual.

    One can go for this product. Value for money (Rs. 521/-). Very Many Thanks to Ramki.

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