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    The weak need to wait for the chance

    In this world there are two sets of people who either has the push or the pull and being the strong and weak. The push people are those who has the strong recommendations from the appropriate channels and thus gets the things done, and the pull people are those who attract the goods or services through their money paying capacity and thus they are highly successful. But contention of discussion here is about the strong and weak. Strongest are the winner and the weakest are under the sulking mode and they wait for the right opportunity of residual.

    November 2020 picture based tow entry
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    Very nice observation by the author. This really happens in our life so many times and sometimes we may be the beneficiary and sometimes we may be waiting for our turn. Being weak in this world is itself a big disqualification for achieving anything in life and weak people have to wait may be long for their turn and it is sad to say that the turn never comes. This is not a philosophical interpretation of the situation but fact of life. So as said that only the brave and blessed enjoy this world is a fact and the situation worsens when the strong does not give opportunity to the weak and keeps him in the dark alley.
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    The author is right. Always the rich will exploit the poor. The strong will exploit the weak. This is always true. Weak has to wait for their turn. But strong can get their chance with their strength. They can push the weak back and take the lead by hook or crook. Unfortunately, the weak may not get their turn even after waiting for a long time.
    It is the duty of the strong person to help the weak in case of any need and see that he will be also out of woods. But we see very rarely such people. But let us always try to help the weak and see that he will also develop in his life.

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    The author has envisaged this issue from a different angle. I agree with the author that there are two groups of people, one is strong and another is weak. Those people who are strong oppress the weaker section of the society and enjoys all privileges whereas weaker section is completely neglected. The people of this section are deprived of theirr due rights which they are entitled for. They are marginalized by upper group of people. They don't permit weaker section to rise against them. They are compelled to live as marginalized section. Some of them are destined to live in ghettos where they are lacking in basic amenities. They raise their voice but their voice is forcibly suppressed by the powerful people. They don't get justice because of being weaker than them. They keep on crying but their crying remains unheard.

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    The responses were encouraging as it coincides with reality happening with us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    It is said that might is right. So rich is always privileged as all the power is in his hand. We are today seeing it happening in the real world around us. Weak are not getting chance to come up as rich are there to retard them at every opportunity.
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    It is rightly said that rich over take the poor. The rich cannot continue to be rich without the support of the poor. Few years back when the present Jio company was selling keypad phones worth Rs.500/- many middle class and poor people started to invest. This decision increased the networth of Reliance then. If many poor people collaborate they can also raise the capital like public sectors in any business of their choice. Thoughts and choice should form the strength to achieve success which is just taking controversies not leading to fruitful effort or action. This is the main reason why poor remain poor for longer years.
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    The thread brings out the dominating trait of the big over small, the strong over the weak, the rich over the poor.
    I now wish if we knew the language of birds like the Vikramaditya stories, how we would have responded and behaved.

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    Every where it is followed. From years Poor are dominated by the rich. It's same old story. Even the animals follow the same "survival for the fittest". The one who is strong lives and week one is killed or don't survive. Consider a lion and a deer. Deer being the weak animals is always killed by the lion. But in this picture crow and sparrow are sitting together as they are equal. It's surprising as rarely we see two such animals or birds sitting together and enjoying.

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    Learning the language of birds is not so easy. Time and effort can make us reach there. Why do you think birds are not staying in forest, is it necessary to change the case study to get much more relevant information.?
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    Very good observation and depiction from the pic shown. The writer is right to his point when he says that in our society, the strongest is the winner and the weakest are under the sulking mode as they wait for the right opportunity of residual. It is seen at every point in our society that the power or people with connection, money or those who har strong always get their work done by using their power and the weak have to wait for the residual and gets the leftover. Even though they are talented, have the capacity and are well educated or has upper hand on their profile, they get the second preference than the one who has the power, money or strength.
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    It is correct and at times the wait becomes endless. All around we can see that those who have money and power are getting all the things they want but those who do not have are the sufferers. But do we really like this situation? We all talk about equality and support others who spread the message of equality. All great men have said the same thing but the divisive attitude continues. It is somehow ingrained in us to dominate the weak. As long as we are not changing our mindset we will wilfully declare somebody weak instead of helping the person in some way to remain strong.

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    If the wait becomes endless then one more great lesson learned for the day.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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