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    Once a sparrow and a crow were friends

    Once upon a time a sparrow and a crow were friends and saw some peppers were drying out at someone's home. The crow was clever and asked sparrow to have a bet, who eats more peppers. The sparrow ate peppers well but crow was dishonest and told sparrow that you have eaten less peppers so you lost and I will eat you. Sparrow applied it's mind and asked crow to wash its beak before it eats her.

    To wash its beak crow went to the river and asked river to give some water to wash its beak but river denied and asked to take a pot to take out water otherwise whole water will become dirty due to its dirty beak.

    Crow went to the house where they both ate peppers and asked the owner to give a pot but the owner saw pepper on crow's beak and understood that crow has eaten his peppers so captures him and the sparrow as was honest got rid of the crow.

    This picture is when the crow and sparrow were searching for the food and found some pepper being dried out and sparrow was spying .

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    Probably the author has missed the instructions given in the tow topic thread that stories and poems not required and the content should be something else.
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    It is not a creative story writing contest. It is a photo-based TOW thread to pen something that comes into your mind immediately after looking at the photo. Yet, I loved your creative story on the crow and the sparrow.
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    The author created a good story and he brought the qualities of human beings into these birds also. Generally, I feel a human being will deceive another human being but not a bird will do that to another bird. But these days are such that birds are also learning these things from the human population. Nicely narrated. The moral is that goodwill survive and the cunning will lose the battle at the end. I appreciate the author for his creativity.
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    This is one interesting story about the clever crow and the simple sparrow. Generally crows are attributable to their selfish attitude and mean ways. Sparrow is always thought to be a meek and humble creature.
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