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    We can learn a lesson from birds

    This photo has two birds and a message of welcome to all, one is a black bird and one is a brown bird. The black bird is a big and strong and the brown bird is small and weak but both birds are on the same spot. The black bird despite being strong and big does not kill or harm the small bird and small one looks at ease, fearless despite being weaker than the black bird. These small species neither threaten nor feel threatened. These birds are among uncountable birds and animals which are born, live happily, peacefully and die or killed by the most superior creature who is known as Man. What more these birds and animals can expect from this Most Superior among all living and non-living creatures when this Man can kill another similar Man just for the sake of some money, land, profit, enmity, rivalry and supremacy.

    This Man is gifted with Strong Mind and He uses His Mind to create the atom bomb, warplanes, missiles and other weapons of mass destruction to annihilate Mankind, but these birds and animals don't invent any weapons to kill each other. I wonder to see if Man is still superior to these birds?
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    The nature has created equal playing field for the all and that also includes equal rights and existence to the birds. But what is happening is the shortage of food availability to them and thus the hoarding of food if it was available plenty or not sharing the food if it was available few. This kind of attitude is only present in the human beings as we are forced to save for the future existence and the same way the birds are also behaving probably aping this selfish mentality from us. But one thing is sure , the birds have the good eye visual experience and they can spot the food for them from far off vision and therefore instead of trying over the food at one place it can try for the food elsewhere and there lies the food for guarantee as there is a saying that for every living being food is designated and given and only thing that it has to be explored.
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    It is the sixth sense that makes the difference between the animal being and human being. The sixth sense thinks of many things like creation and destruction. Therefore, human cannot be compared with birds and animals. Human being think of killing birds and animals for survival, while birds and animals don't think of killing human beings for survival. It is very difficult to study and understand the creation of creatures in this world.
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    A very good point has been said by the author. In the living world, we live in, not only humans but many animals and birds also live there. Humans can learn a lot from birds. We learn something from everything in our lives and the quality of learning leads us to success. The bird is also one of them from which we can learn a lot. Learning is an art that will never let you give up in life because God has given us life where learning is not just a good but our need. Man can learn a lot from animals and birds too. Animals and birds are separated from greed and craving. They never collect, they get satisfied with whatever they get. Humans need to learn a lot from them to live a peaceful life. The author has beautifully connected TOW's picture through this thread.
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    I am not sure whether the man is more superior than a bird but I am sure that a bird is less selfish than a human being. They never hesitate to harm the other person for their benefit. But a bird will never kill another bird. A bird or an animal will never have greed. They live and allow the other birds to live. So there are many things we can learn from birds and animals.
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    Nice post by the author. We have to learn from these innocent and harmless birds who are coexisting in the nature and in our surroundings. They are so cordial to each other and we are fighting with each other. They are definitely superior than us.
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    Good post by the author. Birds are innocent and I always wanted to be born as a bird as I also want to fly in the sky freely. Being a man I have lots of responsibilities and I am bound with it. Whereas these creatures seem to be free from anything.

    Sparrows are considered to be innocent and honest creature. They work hard to feed themselves and their family. They work hard to make nests to lay eggs. Whereas we human beings are the most dangerous creature who have developed weapons to kill these innocent creatures. It's sad that we don't care for others except for ourselves. Humanity has almost died as we don't even care to kill others for our benefits. We need to respect other creatures too as when God has given us the brain then we should utilise it to protect these weak creature rather than killing them.


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    This thread also resonates the natural co-existence of all species except the human species.
    While the author uses the two birds as representatives to teach us a lesson, it is ironical that in real life humans cage birds and take trouble to teach them his language and behaviour.

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    Birds are the special species who travel around the world in different seasons helping humans in pollination, entertaining us with melodious sounds. Human tend to exhibit their superficial talents in every aspect without thinking of the repurcussions on environment. Birds and animals too have their own world who do not interfere into human life, even when they are disturbed or distracted. They do not differentiate between the rich and poor, strong and weak. Birds lead a simple living and high thinking morale which humans have to follow in their lives too.
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