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    Good forum threads can earn 7 dollars per week

    I chanced upon to visit my adsense account and found that in this month my total earnings were 11 dollars and for the last week alone the earnings were 7 dollars and that emphasis that good forum threads and responses do give the earning potential and members has to understand this happening to them also. This also proves that our forum threads are widely accepted and revisited again and again and thus paving way for potential earnings through Google adsense, therefore never under estimate this forum as the non earner section.
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    Congratulations Mohan. I think the traffic to your pages must be very good as that is the main thing that depends on Google Adsense revenue. Some of the members whose articles and other contents have good traffic are also earning good revenue from Adsense. So carry on with your excellent work and take care in accidentally not clicking on the advertisements as they have made it so clumsy now that everywhere some advertisement pops up and we unintentionally click on that and revenue is deducted. I am not able to take this precaution and many times getting penalised and my revenue is deducted. So I will just mention that the members should take care and not click or view the advertisements in their ISC pages intentionally or unintentionally as their revenue would be lost. Mr Mohan is a consistent contributor and he is doing it for a long time and must have a good reputation in Google Adsense (as Google keeps a tab on one's history of defaulting also) and I wish him all the best in his efforts and also wish that he will complete another decade in ISC with same vigour and zeal.
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    It is not possible for all members of ISC to earn such a good number of dollars. Mohan posts a lot of threads and never leaves any thread unattended without his response. That's the technique that gives him more in number dollars for his contribution in the forum section, I think.
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    All fingers are not equal in same hand. Likewise, every person has different capacity. All member of ISC are not same. Some members have very poor earning and some member didn't earn money till now. So, it is capacity as well as technique to give more contribution.

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    The essence of earning lies in hard work. Techniques will also help to some extent. Everyone knows that early morning rising and walk is good for the health and is known as a good technique. But how many of us are utilising that technique? There is no dearth of techniques and methods and what people lack is will to work hard and work in a continuous phase. That is the only difficult thing and that is also the reason of different earnings not only in ISC but throughout the world in any endeavour. Different people have different stamina and it is not possible to work in same fashion and speed by everyone. One has to work as per one's capacity.
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    Actually nowadays one cannot really say that so and so content in so and so section will bring X amount of earnings because at month-end when you see the earnings that are actually given in your balance, it is not what you may consider as the total accrued. This had been brought up by a number of members in forum discussions, where it was mentioned about earnings being drastically reduced from actuals on the ground of invalid clicks. So I have stopped being euphoric about what I see daily in my account till the month ends and the 1st of the next month comes around. Then only I will rejoice! I am happy that Ok, at least I got that much even though not what I actually thought it was and have stopped getting frustrated about something that isn't there anyway. Enjoy the little things in the big picture.
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    Vandana has brought out a very important point and I remember we discussed it at length and it had happened with me that in the mid of the month I found there a few dollars and at the end everything was deducted and it has happened so many times with me as I am not able to take that care of avoiding my cursor from the advertisements. Nowadays I have left checking my Adsense account. Google is very very precise and careful in Adsense revenue distribution. They do everything with perfection and find out newer ways to control the users. Can't help.
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    Mohan Sir, you are a regular contributor especially in the Forum section and there cannot be any doubt about the earning potential of this section. I am sure you will be enthusiastic enough regarding the happenings you shared in the thread but what Vandana Ma'am has said in her reply is the reality. Only the earnings mentioned at the beginning of a month is what one has earned during that month. Because of false/invalid clicks, the earnings are deducted and we all need to be very careful about those false clicks.

    One way is to install an extension to block any advertisements shown on ISC platform and by doing it you can get rid of all the popups that come up while browsing a website.


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    Mohan sir, my sincere congratulations for your earnings through Google Ad Scene.As you have mentioned very clearly that your entire earnings is from the Forum Section which reflects that this section has the potential for earnings if maximum attempt is taken up for the issues being discussed in that forum in a regular way. Needless to tell you regarding your capabilities and potentials since the same thing is visible constantly each month.
    You have been the central point in the Forum Section and hope you would continue in the similar way in the upcoming time. Once again congratulations!

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    Mohan, my congratulations to you dor earning good amount from Google Adsense. I have no account in Google Adsense and hence I don't have any idea about the income from the AdSense. Anyhow you work a lot and you rise a good number of threads and post your views on many threads. That is good and I hope you will continue the same and earn more money. I wish you all the best.
    When I see RSB which is given once in a month as a bonus to our hard work, I feel very happy. Whatever announced, we will get that money and it will never be reduced afterwards and we will receive that money ontime. That will make us very happy.

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    What I feel that some of the contents are viewed in foreign countries and If I post early morning probably that is syncing with their leisure time viewing.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Congrats ....if you are earning with that rate then it's incredible. I have just earned few cents from last two months there. It all depends on the content and the consistency . And you being very active and consistent here so may be earning good.

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    First of all time is the key criteria as suggested by the author based on various time zones. I am very happy that Mr.Mohan has shared a valuable information to members. It is indeed not possible by every member to place the ball in the basket. Efforts and sacrifice along with positive updated information too acts as an important piece of information. Getting adsense revenue bonus takes lot of efforts and can be attained by consistent members like Mr.Mohan. Participating in all sections or one section with full concentration leads members to great heights can be visible through each one's earnings.
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    After one month's ending also I am not getting more than two dollars. But Mr. Mohan is quoting what I never expect of such things these days. Congratulations to Mr. Mohan for your worthy contributions that make you earn more.

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    Making it very frank the earnings got hiked only in November as I was also a dull earner previously.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    K Mohan,

    Please update us and let us know if the entire $11 was added to the balance of your November month's earnings or whether, like for us, it was cut.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Congrats Mohan.
    I have almost forgot to check my adsense account as it was never accumulating anything like this. In the last nine years since I got adsense account approved I had just two payments with the very minimum payment threshold amount each time. So I did not get any interest and left checking my adsense account.

    Mohan is probably one of few members who earned his adsense from forum section alone.

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