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    Last minute efforts by BJP to win the voters heart

    Hyderabad is bracing up for the well fought GHMC local elections to which the voting would takes place on the 1st of December and when everyone thought that this local polls would be fought with local issues and between local leaders, the campaign trial from BJP which made the use of leaders like Amit Shah, JP Nadda, Yogi Adityanath and other famed Ministers from other state has given the new hopes for the party which wants to wrest the Mayor-ship of Greater Hyderabad this from the TRS and AIMIM controlled bastions. For local polls the national issues were raised.
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    It is only in dreams that the BJP can think of winning the GHMC elections. The BJP has brought all their top-ranking leaders to canvass in just a Corporation elections. The power-hungry party is using all its resources to fight these elections. It may improve its tally because of opportunistic people who support it for their survival.
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    Want is wrong to drive out those parties which never cared for welfare of the people in the recent floods which created havoc in old city.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't think BJP can get any majority in GHMC elections. It can hardly get 20-30 seats. But this time TRS may not get clear majority. Anyhow MIM will get around 50 seats. So, TRS may have to make post-poll alliance with MIM this time to get the Mayor seat.

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    BJP may not win in this election but even if they get a good number of seats that is a commendable thing. Slowly BJP is making place in many territories which were earlier inaccessible for it. People are realising that BJP is working for the all irrespective of the cast and religion and is not misguiding any particular group as many parties were doing earlier in post independent India. This is a good thing and BJP will be benefited by it. Many non-Hindus in this country has started to realise that BJP is for their welfare and it is only against the corrupt and bad people which ever religion they belong to. Once this concept is understood BJP will garner the votes of all the religions and groups. People should come out from the clutches of the local leaders and regional leaders and things would be streamlined.
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    Coming of top brass of BJP in local body elections which are not so much important, apparently, is the part of strategic planning pertaining to 2024 elections to retain the power at Centre. They are working on grass root level and want to have their root on the ground. I don't think local issues will be ignored by people. However, monopoly of TRS and AIMIM in Hyderabad has a big challenge from BJP because whatever BJP gains in elections is the loss of these main political parties. Moreover, this election will certainly benefit BJP in future elections in Telangana. Let us see what is going be the result.
    Just imagine if BJP comes in power what will be the picture in Telangana, especially, in Hyderabad

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    It seems to be better than expected results for BJP in GHMC elections by winning almost 50 seats. Even BJP might not have expected these many seats. In this elections, Congress has lost its face and its PCC president tendered his resignation owing to its debacle in the elections. It has to do some introspection. Sonia Gandhi had gifted Telangana on her birthday by cutting the state of Andhra Pradesh as if it was her birthday cake but still Congress is thriving for its survival in Telangana.

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    BJP did well in GHMC elections. They won almost 1/3 of the total seats. The difference between TRS and BJP is just 5 or 6 seats only. But MIM also won 43 seats. Now TRS will get the support of MIM and Mayor seat may be offered to MIM. We can wait and see what is going to happen. Congress is a big loser. Even there is no face-saving for them. Congress is the party which gave separate Telangana but never enjoyed the fruits of this division. TRS almost lost 50% of the seats what it won in the last time elections.
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