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    Inclusive cooperation at home and office paves way for task compliance

    Either at the home or the office, we need to have inclusive cooperation from all members of the family and the office the staff down the line to cooperate and coordinate in a effort to bring in greater understanding of task compliance. It is not necessary every one do the same in bits, if everyone does some work which ultimately lead to overall performance would also matters. To have the inclusive cooperation one needs to have the best understanding and relations and that gives rise to fool proof guarantee of good performance for sure.
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    Group performance is always better than the individual if the group works in a united and harmonious way. Whether it is family or office same rule applies for a successful project. Earlier the parents asked the children to do all sort of works and that made them not only independent but when they left home for seeking job elsewhere they could survive easily within the limited means. Today we are not inculcating any such habits in them and they will suffer in future for that lack of that basic knowledge. The leader of the family has this responsibility to take care of this aspect and whether people like or not take work from them as it is beneficial to them only in long run. Same thing is true for office also. A boss has to see that everyone is involved in the work and those who are escaping should be brought to books. Inclusive cooperation should be there and if it is not volunteered then the leader has to make them volunteer it. There is no other way to get cooperation.
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    Teamwork will yield good results always. In a team where there are good cooperation and coordination among the members, the results are always good. In a team of 4, the total output will be more than the output we get when 4 persons worked independently.
    But if the team members are not on the same frequency and when their aims are different, the end result may not be as expected. This has been proved a number of times. If there are more number of members in the team and they have different thoughts and if the members have their personal agenda separately, then even the team also will lose because of their attitude. Why Kauravas lost the battle even though there were very strong people in that team. Because they never worked for a common cause. But all Pandavas worked together and worked with a common goal. That has brought victory for them.

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    I also feel that teamwork has no substitute. Many organisations spend a lot of money on trainings on team building and group dynamics only to inculcate team concept in its employees.
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    All-inclusive cooperation is required when the people are working as a team and their team has been assigned to perform a task within the given time, in this situation all the members of the team are like a link of the chain and every link is connected, changing it into a strong chain, if a link is weak of this chain, may harm to the whole team. This teamwork is not only needed in an office or a family but also in sports, more necessarily, especially, in a relay race, in which each of the racers is to pass the baton on time and the taker has to move correctly to hand the baton over his partner while reaching on time another end of the ground.
    Collective efforts with cooperation and understanding pave the way of success for the team.

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