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    Learn the skills of success from an unsuccessful person.

    Perhaps this thing may sound very strange. But we are always told that if you want to be successful in your life then stay with the successful people, follow their footsteps, live life like them only then you can get success but it is not always necessary to be so. Many times we get people who fail in their work due to some reason, yet they have many things that we can learn from them.

    Failure teaches us more than success. A person is considered unsuccessful when he does not work hard, but even after hard work, if such success is not achieved, then such people should not be considered a failure but experienced.

    Such people should not be viewed with inferiority, rather they should be looked at with respect. We should take the experienced knowledge from them, this experience will lead us to success.
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    The author is right that every person can learn a lot from those people who could not succeed in their lives because some mistakes. Their experience benefits every struggler who is trying to build his career. Keeping in touch with these experienced people make him aware of how he should go to achieve his target and how to avoid those mistakes which they , knowingly or unknowingly, did during their struggle period. Keeping in touch with a successful person inspires and encourages a struggler to succeed and his experience and achievements fills his heart with hope of success. Guidance of a successful person helps him a lot.

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    A person who is not successful may understand the reasons for his failure and if he tells us those issues and if we follow those areas carefully we are bound to be successful. If you go to a person who is successful in his first attempt itself, he can tell you his experience and the method he followed. But he may not give us the areas where we should be more careful. But if you go to a person who is successful after one or two attempts can guide you in a better about the probable problems you may encounter and how you can tackle it. It is always better to take suggestions from all types people and also it is better to observe all types of people which will give us good knowledge about the way we should follow to be successful in our lives.
    Above all these, the individual should have the determination and desire to be successful and the individual should focus on the goal. Then only one will be successful.

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    It is always better to take suggestions from all sections of people both successful and the unsuccessful ones prior to attempting any examinations. That will be the best way to know the different reasons for the failures from the unsuccessful aspirants and at the same time, it also suggests the areas where one should be careful so as to have success. Without having known such loopholes, it will be difficult to take up any remedial steps to plug the areas where one can be unsuccessful.
    The successful candidate would fail to provide the reason for failures because he did not encounter such a phase but he can be advantageous to you providing you tips to enhance your success rate.

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    The important thing is learning skills from the persons who can make things clear to you. While we all look for success, many times we fail to analyze the reasons for our failures. A person who failed and succeeded after a couple of attempts must have analyzed the reasons for her/his failure and rectified them. We need to learn how to analyze failures too and that is what an unsuccessful person can tell us. You will find many successful people do not have enough time to talk to others so it will be not so easy for you to get the recipe of success from them. Those who failed and succeeded after a lot of work like to share their stories with others but there are not many listeners to their stories. So, it is always a good idea to learn various skills from them especially, their analytical skills.

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    Each and every task practised and faced by any person teaches him a lesson everyday. There are some successful people who would like to share their experiences but some tend to provide wrong information leading to diversion in success pathways. It is really difficult to understand any person's views within a short span of life.

    Encashing the opportunity is the key secret of people yet building their own fame by putting others down may not last for a long time. Stay away from such people as sharing personal success can cause damage yet be together when it is team goals to be achieved.

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    The unsuccessful person was unfortunate enough as he could not muster the strength and energy to achieve the success as envisaged but surely might have gained the know how to attain the success next time, because he has been gone through the rigorous training no matter that was not fully utilized to get the best results. And such persons are ready to help others because he has gone through the ordeal and others should get guidance from him. Normally we keep away from the failure persons, but in this case we must be in touch with them to know the path way of achieving the success.
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    We can definitely learn from the failures of other people even if they have not done any mistake. There are umpteen number of examples where people even after doing a good work did not get a good result. So we learn a great deal about the environment and the competition around us in which such failures could happen. So it helps us to know better about how to channelise our work and energies so that we get a commensurate result of our efforts. Everyone yearns for success and fruits of the hard work but there are some other factors also which govern that and it is not only limited to the efforts that we had put.
    Knowledge is power.

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