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    Do you also often shed tears of happiness?

    Both actions of laughing or crying are an expression of feelings. This whole process can vary from one person to another. It depends on how emotional the person concerned is.

    The thing to think about is why it happens that even in happiness, tears come out. You must have seen that the spectators enjoying a game start crying when their favorite team loses, then the players of the winning team also cry with joy. That is, we can say that happiness or sorrow, tears have a very deep connection with our sensations.

    Members, do you have tears in your eyes when you are happy or laughing? I wish that whenever tears come out of your eyes, the reason for them always remains happiness.
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    According to experts when we cry, our body releases happy hormones like endorphins, which alleviate pain and gives pleasure and calm us down. Apart from it practically what we observe is that when we are longing for something like a degree or success or victory or meeting with someone being awaited for a long time or any desire is fulfilled or unexpected happiness is got our eyes begin to shed tears.
    So, the next time you find yourself shedding a tear or two out of absolute elation, don't be embarrassed. It's natural, and it's good for you.

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    Coming of the tears in the eyes is a sign of sentimental feelings. It could be due to sadness and pain or could be due to utter happiness. It is a natural reflex of our body towards these situations. I remember till my class XII, I was an average student and though I got position in the class but was not very bright academically. When I joined my B.Sc. course I got some good professors to guide me and I was encouraged towards studies in a big way and with the grace of the God I got highest marks in some subjects and highest marks in the college during that academic year. So, during the annual award function my name was called 2-3 times for different prizes due to that achievement and my father who had come to witness the function became much sentimental and tears came in his eyes. People were congratulating him but he could not speak. I could not on that day understand the reason of his weeping but later I also came to know about these situations when tears come in our eyes involuntarily.
    Knowledge is power.

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    When we emotional tears will bound to come from our eyes. The emotion may be due to happiness or even sorrowfulness. When we hear that someone very close to using is successful in their attempt we will feel very happy and in that emotion, we will have tears in our eyes. In Telugu, we call those tears as Anandabahspau ( Happy tears).
    After completing my M.Sc, I wanted to apply for a CSIR fellowship for carrying out my PhD. Those days there were no online submissions. We have to get the application form from CSIR New Delhi and fill it, get it signed by the Guide and then submit it in the university before the last date. I have sent my request for the application form. But I have not received the same. Every day I was going to the post office to see whether my application has arrived. The last date for submitting the filled application was nearing and I am getting tensed. That is the last day and if I don't receive the application on that there was no chance for me to submit the filled one in time. Luckily and by God's grace, I received the same on that day. My happiness knew no bounds and a cried a lot on that day out of happiness. Then I could apply in time and I got the fellowship and I did my PhD. That is history.

    always confident

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