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    Storytelling or listening and children

    It was a time when small children would happily listen to stories by elders. It was one of the best hobbies for children. They had no video games to play. They had no television to watch a cartoon show. Telling and listening stories of kings-queens, fables, narration about incidents was a common hobby. Children used to listen to stories paying full attention, quite silently, it also happened if any of them couldn't understand he would ask the question out of curiosity and storyteller would explain and satiate him/her.
    It was an age of simplicity children would play with clay-toys and different type of small cheap toys made from bamboo strips, colourful paper, strings, parchament etc would be sold in fair.

    Today, storytelling is an obsolete thing. Children are too smart. When they open their eyes on gadgets with the latest technology, storytelling will not impress them. It's merely a generation gap, everything changes over the time and there is nothing wrong in it. Their toys have also been changed. Also girls of this generation don't play with dolls.
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    True. My grandfather used to tell us many stories and we used to sleep while hearing those stories. He used to narrate stories in a very interesting way. He used to tell many stories from epics and finally he used to tell us the moral of that story. We all used to wait eagerly to hear his stories. He was a school headmaster and on holidays we used to ask him to tell stories during day time also.
    These days this habit is not there in many families. They give a smartphone to the kid so that the kid will go on watching some video on that and the elders will be busy spending their time on another smartphone. But if we tell stories which will bring out a good message to the Kids they will understand the importance of values and morals in our lives.
    My granddaughter is very fond of these stories. I and her grandmother will be spending some time daily with her and tell her some stories. In the nights she will sleep with us and she wanted us to tell some stories.

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    Story telling by our seniors especially by grandfathers and grandmothers in Indian Families had been a favourite sessions for many kids in the past. They were so much addicted that they could not enjoy sound sleep without having this session of story telling. The stories narrated by them were mostly from the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata providing them wonderful happenings in these ancient epics and the were so much hooked to the events that it was almost impossible for them to forget the different charecters. Such stories had the soothing effects on them and they could identify the good charecters and the bad ones due to their deeds/ misdeeds.
    Such a convention is missing in the present time due to introduction of smartphones and this gadget has deprived them of past story sessions except in some families where this tradition is still prevalent.

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    It is good to take the children to nearby spiritual discourses in temples. My grandmother used to take us to the temples for hearing discourses. We got some knowledge even today with that remembered notes. Besides this my grandmother used to tell us the stories based on spiritual and moral in our childhood times. In turn we used to tell the stories to the young children in our house. This is a good thing as to divert the children from their meddling with mobiles and computers.

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    Absolutely that time has gone when kids used to listen to the stories curiously. I remember we used to read lots of comics that too of kings and queens. But suddenly with the time mobile games have taken the place of the comics and now a days kids don't like to listen to those stories but like to watch movies or play video games. We should inculcate the habit of not using the gadgets by our kids as these are not only harmful but of no use unlike the stories which always give us some learnings.

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    I thing it is almost obsolete by now and we do not see this happening around in the society or our families. Now the children are occupied with mobiles, computer games, and other such related things. They do not have time to listen to the stories.
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    Listening to stories not only made an impact on their learning capabilities but also built a relationship bond with their grandparents. In the present trend each family member has a smartphone, none to care the ailment sufferring from chronic problems.

    Children who were supportive in family have lost connections, expect loneliness than staying together in groups. Mobiles have solved all their problems than family members.

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    Stories captivates the minds of the children and if it happens to be their loving character and admiring story, their attention would be overwhelming and that should be understood by the elders and the parents. Unfortunately the modern parents are not having the good moral stories of old generation with them and they try to bring in what ever shared on the social media. But the elders at the home have the niche to create the child mood and switch over stories to old era to the understanding level of the child. Stories on animals, fantasy and other world more interesting to them because they want to know more about other world. By telling good stories about the animals the children feel like connecting to the animals and they even start loving the pets at the home. Nevertheless the story telling brings the satisfied sleep for any child.
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    Totally agree with the author, nowadays children have reduced their listening to stories, but the fault is not only about the children or the growing technology of the present day but also the elders of the house. Nowadays the elders in the house themselves have become so busy that they get so tired during the run of life due to which they are unable to give time to the children of their house for all these activities. Children are also more attracted to electronic instruments for the same reason that they are always and easily available to them.
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    Storytelling has been a captivating activity in the past it still is a great way to spread the information through newspapers and daily publication. Storytelling has been a great feast for children during the old days when children had no electronic gadgets and smartphone to play with, they waited to hear stories from elders.

    But nowadays children are busy with electronic gadgets not ready to hear stories from their elders or parents. I feel the current scenario where children have more interest in gadgets has only worsened them. Spending more time with smartphone affects the memory of children while the storytelling could help in the retention of memory and one could easily remember a thing while hearing from others.

    Storytelling, though obsolete now has been an amazing tool to engage naughty children and also helped to inform them of different people and personalities.

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