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    The helpless angry birds

    God created all of us. He also created birds, animals and all other living beings. But he has given intelligence to human beings. But not to other living beings.

    Human beings are becoming selfish and they always work for their happiness and comfort. In this pursuit, the human being will go to any extent. They spoil the environment, They kill other living beings and even never hesitate to kill another human being for their selfish gains.

    Human beings are responsible for the deterioration of the environment and they are only responsible for the pollution. The birds and animals are not able to survive here because of the cruel acts of human beings. The birds suffering without fresh air, water and food. They are very angry with these people who are responsible for the present-day situation. But they are helpless and not able to teach a lesson to these human beings. So they are getting angry and staring at us and cursing us.

    All types of birds are suffering. They wait for the mother earth to teach a lesson to these selfish guys. These birds are staring at the sky expecting a divine help to save them from the disturbing acts of these human beings.

    This is my entry for November 2020 Picture-based TOW
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    A nice narration presented by the author. Humans are responsible for all the harm done to our habitat. We have discharged all sort of chemicals and hazardous material in the rivers, seas, and other common places and that has done a lot of harm to our ecology. The animals are the mostly affected lot and many of them are no more in this world as their species itself has been extinct. Many animals are not getting food in the jungles as jungles are shrinking day by day and water sources like ponds and lakes have disappeared from there. They are forced to come to the nearby villages and towns in search of water and food.
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    The author is absolutely right. Birds, animals, and humans are all part of nature. The biggest feature of nature is that it does not consume its own things. As the river does not drink its own water, trees do not eat their own fruits, flowers spread their fragrance throughout the environment. This means that nature does not discriminate against anyone, but when a person makes unnecessary play with nature, it gets angry. Which she periodically expresses in the form of droughts, floods, inundations, storms, and alert humans. The bird section is not weak but in some cases is not as wicked as humans, so this class keeps trying to preserve its existence without harming anyone. Man has to understand that the bird class is also a part of nature, which is as important as a normal person.
    Swati Sharma

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    The author has combined poetical imagination to present a real issue.
    As I had commented in another thread, humans are the only species that want to dominate other species and even destroying other species for his existence. He is quite blind to the fact that he is on a path of self-destruction too.

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    But I did not find any correlation with the post and the picture.

    Not a doubt that we human beings are a clever specie and want to dominate everyone which is wrong as we should give protection to other creatures . This is sad that we for our benefits are destroying natural habitats for animals and birds by polluting land and water. This is high time and we should think and try to protect other creature before they get extinct from this world.


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    The God has created this world with the strong and weak aspects in everything so that balancing act can be done and achieved and the same can be seen in the photo content being sought to infer. In every walk of life we come across the mighty and weak and that makes the challenge to take on with the mighty. It does not mean that those who are weak would not get the chance at all. But the weak should rise to the occasion and become strong and also assert their rights as to they also have the share in growth and development and there cannot be one sided up-gradation of the single life. The weak should explore every chance and possibilities to match with the abilities of the strong and thus the transformation which takes place would speak the volume as to how far we could compare and match with the strong persons.
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    It is true as the writer has said that God has given intelligence to human beings and yet we have become cruel towards each other that we think only about our benefits, good and profit and never think for the good of others. The same God also created others and everything present in the world like birds, animals and all other living beings but we have become very selfish, and in that process hate and kill others for our gain, comfort and happiness. We only retreat our action when some damage happens to us or our family otherwise, we never even think about others and that's when the Almighty and nature play their role by bringing natural disaster and destruction that cannot be held captive by anyone. Let us try to change and be good to everyone and everything around us and make this world a happy place to live.
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    Yes, the birds are angry because of the mess we created all around. Human beings are intelligent but instead of using the intelligence to protect nature, we are acting as if we do not care much. I think, in many cases, we somehow forget that we have some intelligence. Acting sensibly is when you apply your intelligence, but when we remain insensitive are we really applying our intelligence? I doubt! The birds are angry, so do many other creatures but they do not know whom to blame. They remain silent and trying to find out some alternatives.

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