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    I will wait as it is your time

    Due to the increase of mobile phone towers, almost in all cities the sparrows are vanished but some crows are existing. This sparrow tells the crow,'okey, brother, it is your time, take as much you can, as our set of people got vanished. I will wait as I don't know when your crew got vanished from cities.'
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    That was the interesting observation from the author, When the situation is not conducive and not ripe. we have to wait and watch for others to leave the place so that we can occupy the space . The image clearly shown that there is no competition from other crows or birds, and that gives the sure shot guarantee that the next turn is for the small bird. Even in real life we give space for the big and influential people first and we try our chance next. Even in parties and the functions, we try to make the guests eat first and out of them those who are very near and dear to us gets the preference. So what has to be inferred here that we cannot escape from the highhandedness in real life and we have been sulking and giving way to them out of respect or fear and that should not be taken granted weak from our side and that is the big character trait from us.
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    Good thought by the author. These days we see rarely sparrows. Even though the numbers reduced we see here and there some crows, Sparrows are getting extinct mainly due to the problems in the environment and mobile towers are also a reason for this.
    During my childhood, we used to see more sparrows and fewer crows. Slowly the situation is getting changed. Sparrows are vanishing and crows are getting reduced. This is really due to the selfish acts of the people and their countless desires and wishes.

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    The sparrow has mentioned something important about the crows and it is interesting to note that it has the necessary patience to wait for a favourable time. If we see it from an analogy with human beings then it is clear that some powerful people do not give space to the weak and simple persons. But the simple does not retaliate and knows that this is a temporary phase and will go away and good times will come.
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