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    Another aspect of domestic violence

    Domestic violence is a common problem all around the world whether it's physically or mentally. Generally, we have a perception when we talk about domestic violence, instinctively, it comes in our mind that any woman has been victimised but it is not always true, men are also the victim of domestic violence. I don't say that a wife beats her husband but she mentally keeps her husband disturbed. In some parts of our society men has been suffering agony in his family. He is blackmailed by his wife and her family members. If he raises his hand on her it becomes a big issue even police and society will support a woman because she has been accepted as a permanent victim in a family. This situation, mostly, arises when the family of his wife is economically or politically powerful who can influence the society, administration and law enforcement agencies as well. For example, the situation becomes pathetic for a man when he being the only son of his parents is pressurised by his wife to expel his old parents from home helplessly and family members of his wife come in support of their daughter instead of expounding her what she is doing is wrong.

    Today, my nephew was telling about a man who is in extreme tension. Reason of his tension is that today his old father seriously need his help because his father's leg has got fractured and his two younger brothers are jobless and are searching job in Delhi and he lives in a separate home with his wife and children. But his wife has told him strictly that he must not go to see his father. If he goes she will commit suicide. Now he is in dilemma.
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    That's true. Both aspects are happening in the society. It's sad that the fellow is not able to see his father. He should have persuaded his wife and I don't think no one will deprive him seeing his father when he is in need.

    It's true in many cases the men too go through the mental torture by their wife. I have seen many couples start leaving their parents just because the wife doesn't like living with the husband's parents due to many indifferences.


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    These days many married gents are suffering from such issues. But they can't express. Many young boys are not able to take care of their parents due to pressure from the wife. He can't say no to her. He can't stop helping parents. They are in a very difficult situation and getting tensioned. As mentioned by the author they can't shout on the wife as they will start abusing the husband and they even can go to the extent of complaining to police against the husband and his parents saying that they are harassing her.
    As a matter of fact, there are many cases where males are suffering like this but they can't express openly the agony as this society always gives preference to the voice of ladies only and the society is termed as a male-dominated society.

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    If your wife is not good, leave her and lead a peaceful life. Tamil poetess Avvayaar has said " Parthavukkerra pathivirathai undaanal, ekkalum koodi Vaazhalam, Sarre Eru maaraga iruppale yahin, kooraamal sanyasam koll." Means - "If you have a wife who can live according to your wish, be happy and lead your life, but if she is just against your wishes, please take sanyasa without telling her." What a lovely advice! Every men should follow her advice to have a peaceful life on earth. A wife who never cares her husband should not to be welcomed, especially the women who hate her in-laws.
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