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    Are you missing the shopping trips?

    Earlier to Covid-19, we were going to market sometimes alone and sometimes in a group for purchasing some household items and it was really fun to go to so many shop and see the same item in different shops, find out its price and then bargain and go back to one of the shop and finally buy the item. In between we could have tea and snacks also if all the friends wanted to have in a nearby eating place. I enjoyed those sessions much. It was buying less and group activity more. Now the group is dissolved. We have to go alone and that also frequency is reduced much. Most of the things we are getting through home delivery. We go out only when it is urgent. Are you also missing the shopping spree you had with your friends?
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    I wouldn't say that I am an avid shopper but yes, to some extent I miss it. Before the pandemic situation, especially on Sundays, I used to go to a popular market in our locality with a couple of my friends and with that we used to have some snacks with tea. In this situation, it is not advisable and that's why I am missing it. Alone I visited the market a couple of times, but it was not as usual because not many items were there since the supply is somehow very less.

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    The discount sale, bonus and festival bonanzas are a part of sales technique to raise the revenue. Shops were using lot of flex banners and hoardings to grab the attention of customers. People who were earning from such works have lost their livelihood.

    Exhibitions were filled with groups of people and variety of things along with chats mesmerised the customers. The colourful lights were festival to the eyes. Ladies who shared shopping experiences have lost freedom, days without communicating to their friends. Housechores are heavy on them, shopping is a dream now.

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    Yes, I missed a lot. Usually, I used to go to the vegetable and fruit market more frequently to get fresh vegetables and fruits. I used to go to different supermarkets where we get good required grocery items at reasonable rates. But after the Covid-19 lockdown till now, I never went to any of these places. I am getting all my needs online markets Amazon pantry, Jiomart, and Bigbasket. Clothes, electronic items, etc. also I am managing online shopping.

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    The author seems to be cautious of covid 19. It shows that she is highly considerate for herself and others as well. But I see people, especially, ladies are going to market as they would go before lockdown. Should I call them careless or brave?

    When the lockdown was unlocked with strict guidelines, even then ladies came out in large number for shopping. They were not following guidelines at all. They were making the crowd in almost every shop. Lately, during Diwali festivity, the market was almost full of blackheads. I could not dare to go among them in the market when I saw them in a very large number I immediately returned.

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    I don't miss them because I hate shoping. I am good as I had to go along with my wife to the market before lockdown and used to get bored.

    Now a days I am happy that my wife doesn't go for shopping. I have seen my wife negotiating with the shop keepers and used to waste so much of time even for a single thing. Sometimes it used to be very irritating. Many a time I have denied her that I won't go with her.

    Even during Diwali she didn't insist on to go for shopping because she knows it's not good to be in the crowd when covid is spreading so fast.


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    We are now living in the different kind of situation compromising our past habits and now getting adjusted to the new normal which may be irksome and challenging and yet we are safe and moving and that is important Surely we are missing the friends, we are missing the shopping at malls, we are missing going to movies, we are missing the going for week end long drives, we are missing the outing for children, and all these were the past happenings and even the children are now getting adjusted to home food and no junk food. I think we must thank Corona for many reasons, as the virus has drastically reduced our expenses on above habits which we used to follow before. And the children has stopped asking for out side food and that is the good changed habit and above al the elders are staying put in the house and guiding the young ones.
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    Yes, I do miss going to the market with friends and family. I have few friends and we used to go to the market together even if only one among us has a list to shop. It was all fun to be together, to enjoy the snacks and juices with friends. Now we only have video calls to feel connected.

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    There are many people who feel happy and enjoy shopping. They love to go shopping. Many ladies enjoy shopping. From the beginning, I never feel happy about spending time shopping. But I never hate the same. How much time is required to be spent on marketing can be spent. But we should not waste time. This is my thought process.
    Shopping is being done these days online and due to COVID19 the activity increased and people stopped going to markets due to fear of Corona virus. But slowly the normal conditions are getting back and people started moving out. But only after Vaccine only people may come our freely without any hesitation.

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    Before Covid, I had two main engagements. One was to go to the park in the morning and meet my friends there and pass the time in exercises and group chatting for about 2 hours. Second was to go to market for an hour as market is nearby and then do some petty purchases and go to different shops for my requirement. It was really an interesting pastime for me.
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    I definitely remember those days when I used to shop for many hours without any fear. The corona epidemic has made many changes in life and most people now feel safer to stay at home. These days, the market is no longer like a bustle. The demand of the time is that for some time we all stay in our homes following the rules and go to the market only when necessary so that the old days can be returned quickly.
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