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    What is your estimation and expectations of Covid-19 vaccine?

    Every day we are getting different news regarding vaccines for Covid-19. Sometimes we are getting news that we will receive the vaccine at the beginning of the new year. The next day we hear that for the vaccine to reach the common man it may be after May 2021 or even later. As a layman what is your estimation and expectation about the vaccine? Do you think that we would get the vaccine free of cost or will we have to pay for it?
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    From the news what I could gather that India is getting ready for the big and very big mission of administering the vaccine shots for free and the arrangements are being made by the central govt. When the PM Modi visited the three sites of vaccine manufacturing that proved that everything getting ready to take the shape of very big task. But my fears are how the rich and affluent are going to be kept at bay and they should not have access to vaccines and be administered at their premises. I want every vaccine to be accounted for and for whom it is administered. I want the vaccine should go down the line to the last person who lives in the foot path. How the govt is planning to administer the vaccine is the big challenge and I have already started giving suggestion on social media as to this great mission should not be a flop show like demonetization when the rich got hold of new notes first.
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    There are 2-3 sources which are relentlessly pursuing the making of the best possible vaccine in the world and once it is clinically established, it is to be released for mass consumption. The countries where population is less can manage to vaccinate their people in less time but for a country like India it is going to be a herculean task. Only solace is that as PM himself is monitoring the project and seeing his honest and sincere image in the executing machinery people will implement it in the best possible time. Still I do not think that before 2 years time we all will get vaccinated. As regards paying money, the Govt will apply same strategy as they did while surrendering gas subsidy and like that which means that those who can afford and are tax payers must pay for it. Others might get it free. Let us see how the Govt machinery is going to execute it. There is already a shortage of health personnels and this vaccinate program will require a large number of health workers and nurses etc. May be some temporary hands are to be hired or students in the final year of nursing are to be asked to work for 2-3 months. Something of that kind is to be done to accelerate the process.
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    Fake and improbable things that will never happen. Pfizer has already developed a vaccine they already told that Vaccine is not necessary to cure Covid 19. Most of the countries already developed the vaccines example Russia, China, and the U.S.A, and other countries are in trials. it is better if India to invent a medicine for Cough and sneeze it will be good for everybody... Some Bhakts and Fekus still believe that India will produce a vaccine that will be used by everybody it is like Virat winning the Dettol ODI series after a 2-0 loss.
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    Vaccine is not a must for all. No hurry. The strategy reveals that the personnel affected are less and the recovery rate is high, and the death rate is far below.

    According to me, we need not to rush to take the vaccine. Maintain SMS (Sanitizing-Masking-Social distancing) until we hear that the virus has left the earth.

    With the Pandemic, the medical community have looted the public, and they would loot more and more with the vaccine. Even non-Covid patients were treated as Covid patients and money extracted.

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    As per the present estimations, the vaccination will start from February 2021. A scheme has been made to give the first lot of vaccine to health workers like doctors, nurses and other people involved in the medical field, sanitation workers, old people above 50 years and young people who are having some other health problems.
    Anyhow, we are not sure how the plan will be executed. There is a lop of gap always between the cup and the lip. However, I feel it will take a minimum of 2 years for all the people to get vaccinated. More companies will start producing and they may start selling in the market and people may be ready to buy immediately instead of waiting for their turn to get a free vaccine from the government.
    The reliability of the vaccine is also will be known only after administering the same and see the performance. Till such time we all should go with all precautions.

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    Currently we are witnessing speedy trials of the vaccination developed by Bharat Biotech and hope this will be the their final trial. Even our PM is showing his intense interest in early release of the same vaccination. However, it will be too early to predict the exact date of of launching this product apart from its efficiency in tackling the disease.
    News appearing in some esteemed papers indicate that it may not work hundred percent and hence rate of recovery affected with the corona virus may not be up to desired level. Final result will emerge once it is administered to majority of people and after effect of such administration would come to light.
    There should be effective tackling of this vaccination during the distribution system. Care has to be taken to save senior citizens at all the cost with the inclusion of this class on top most priority. Medical personnels vulnerable to be affected with this dreaded disease should also get prompt attention in the vaccination programmes.

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