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    Degree/diploma factories

    Many institutes/colleges have been opened by businessmen and when a businessman invest his money in any project he wants his money gets returned with long-lasting profit. These institutes/colleges provide diplomas and degrees to students in lieu of money. What the students have to do is that they have to deposit the full fee or in instalments as per their rules. After taking the admission students don't require to attend the classes, the required percentage for appearing at the examination will automatically be adjusted. They have to come to appear at the final examinations only. Moreover, all possible help will be provided to them for getting excellent marks.
    These institutes and colleges are running, especially, for those students who don't bother to work hard to get the degree/diploma are facilitated at every step. These institutes/colleges provide a great opportunity to be a degree/diploma holder without any headache.

    Indeed, these institutes are suitable for those students who are already experienced in their field but without a degree/diploma, they are deprived of promotion or better opportunities to establish their career. They get the required degree/diploma without leaving their job. But what about those students who are freshers. They will get the degree/diploma without studying their books as they should do what they will do with these papers without knowledge. Will they be successful in their lives? Is it not a joke with them?
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    The author had the nice dig at the way the educational institutions have been mushrooming up and those who have not studied nor having the knowledge of education have established big schools and colleges and thus their main intention is to reap profit for the money invested. I know a person who is the central govt employee earning good salary and yet established a school by appointing a confident person to manage it and now the school has developed to leap and bounds and that person simply comes in the evening, takes note of happenings, and the earnings are formidable and getting too much for him. There is nothing wrong to earn through the educational facilities, but that should not be at the cost of too much fees and no social responsibility to the society. Nevertheless those who have the niche were successful in this field.
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    These days the degrees or diplomas are not obtained by learning and exhibiting their talent. They are being purchased by giving money towards that. It is not learning but it is just like shopping only. The ideas of the author are very correct. These are not educational institutions. They are also like factories where degrees and diplomas will be available on sales.
    Generally, we get the qualification and then put up the experience. But now we have to put up the experience and then get the diplomas/ degrees. One thing is sure that the learnings from these studies are not useful for obtaining a job.
    This situation is mainly due to corporate educational institutes and private professional colleges. We can't say 100% all institutes are like this, There are some very good private universities where the education standards are very good and students are getting 100% placement after getting the degree through those institutes.

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    Yes there are many such colleges which is like a business and people enrol there just to get the degree or the diploma . They don't learn anything from there. Also such college lack infrastructure to teach them what they should learn in the engineering college. Even they don't have the qualified professors to teach students. Future of such education is dark because someone doesn't have the knowledge what's the use of such degree or a diploma.

    The government should check and ban such colleges which are meant for the earning not for providing knowledge. I have seen such an institute where one of my friend enrolled to get the engineering degree for the promotion in the organisation he used to work. He got the promotion but could not established himself there so it was wasteful.

    I don't think the freshers get job through these degree or diploma as when they are asked questions in the interviews they merely answer. So it's better not to study in such colleges.


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    There is the Govt apex body known as UGC and they check many such things and remove the institution from their certification if such thing is there. Still, there might be some institutes which might be doing these malpractices and there is no agency other than UGC in this matter. In fact as I understand UGC does surprise checks also in the campus of these colleges.
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    Neeru, As you know in our country lots of corruption is there so people take certification by bribing officials so it's very easy for them to run the institutions. Even during the surprise checks they do so.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    There are many fake universities in our country but taking a degree or diploma from them will not be a valid thing as it will not be admissible anywhere. It may only help a rich person who just in order to show off that he is also educated may buy them and frame them and display in his business office. Only thing is that the approved institutions if they are doing the malpractices of this kind the it is a serious issue. Though the students will be able to get a job in private where they have connections but otherwise they will be failure in job execution. Without studying getting a degree is like using a weapon in which one is not trained.
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