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    Let different feathers flock together

    The idiom, "Birds of a feather flock together." seems apt for the given picture. A single crow and one myna perched on the same surface, but both look so lonely. They are two different types of birds, so the birds fail to mingle with each other. It is a sad plight.

    The image provokes to think that why dissimilar beings cannot get along nicely. Every being has something good and something rotten. One needs to accept and respect the goodness of the other one and be sweet and polished to each other. Alas! it's very different in reality. We highlight the negatives and dissimilarities first, and the gap between the two gets wider.

    The day when every creature let it be humans, birds, animals and other living beings, learn to live together with each other's disparities, the world of living beings would become very cordial. Loneliness will make way for friendliness, and love will wipe away hatred. Let's hope that birds of the different feather would flock together someday, and none would be a loner.

    A quote, "Two is company, four is a party, three is a crowd. One is a wanderer.", by an American cartoonist and author James Grover Thurber suits the picture so well. The crow and myna both are self-engrossed which means they are wanderers, but it would have been wonderful if they had some interest in each other that would make a company. Life without company is charmless so let all the living beings overcome differences and share togetherness among one another.

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    The author could connect to the image contest to some extent citing the old quote but here the crow and the little bird cannot fly together as the crow has the habit of mingling with its sect and not with other birds. And the way the small bird has distanced itself in the image proves that there is no competition between the two as the bird was eagerly waiting for the crow to leave some residue of the food so that it can benefited. And the small birds need not toil for more food and sharing, they can be contended with what they get and that is the reason the slow and steady approach of the bird can be seen with waiting mode. Even in our real life, we cannot fight with the mighty nor we can compete with them as we have to sulk and abide by their tantrums so that some solace is granted for being loyal to them.
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    @K Mohan

    In my write-up, I highlighted the fact that none should underestimate each other. There should not be anyone mighty or weak. All must accept each other with their equalities and inequalities, then the world will be worth living as there will be someone to give some company.


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    That is true. If we can mingle with each other without any hesitation and move together without any reservations we will see a different world. We see the people moving with similar people and many never like to go with the people who are not of their caste or status. That is the point where differences start and unwanted feelings will develop in the people. The thought of the author "Let different feathers flock together" is a really good and most ideal situation to happen on this earth. But how far it will happen is a big question mark always.
    Another thought I got is both the birds expecting some more guests to come and waiting for their arrival so that all can mingle and enjoy the day.

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    It is the language that separates the birds. The crows language could be different than the Myna group. While human beings have differences with languages, why not the birds and animals. A north Indian doesn't like a south Indian because of the language and the complexion. A British won't like a Nigerian because of language and colour complexion. It requires good understanding to have a cordial relationship.

    What I appreciate is - Unlike the human beings, the birds of different types don't fight with each other. They mind their own business and live happily.

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    A nice narration by the author. Different birds have different groups. They cannot be comfortable with other species. We humans are also like that we do not have ability to coexist with even each other though they are from the same species.
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    A good narration with a self explanatory title to relate to the contest picture. Probably humans are the only species that want to dominate other species and thus breaking the balance of peaceful co-existence.

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