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    Instead of just replying there is a need to analyse the posts

    So many threads are appearing daily in this forum as some are informative, some are creative, some are seeking our intervention, and some are seeking our debate to further the information that sought. But what I feel that instead of just responding to such threads, there must be analytical factor and respond so that the author of the thread also gets the idea as to the importance and how to improve further. Even in our every work, the response should be with analytical mode and not just doing the work as sought. What is your take?
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    That is correct. We have to read the thread and understand the purpose of the thread and our views and ideas should be mentioned in our post. Generally, all will do that only. Sometimes we may be giving examples supporting the author's idea or negating the idea also can be given. When I go through the responses of the threads, I feel everybody is doing the same. There may be some exemptions sometimes. But the majority will be like that.
    But sometimes there will be some posts which will not give us any scope to discuss and we may say it is good and appreciate the author and close our response.

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    True, the forum posts are not just information updation platform but it can become knowledge enhancement platform, if, the responses to these posts are analytical as well as counter opinions are given. Such responses will cause the author to provide more details, example or cite facts and hence the post will become more engaging.
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    It depends on the posts too sometimes as sometimes there is nothing to discuss in the post one can only add something to it.

    There are many of the posts which I read and leave it as it is as I don't have to contribute anything in it. I also think that it's better not to respond if there is nothing to add in it.


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    While replying to a thread, one has to understand the topic and then reply. Actually, this is true for everything that requires your participation. You cannot just respond by saying it is a very good thread or thank the author for the post. You need to share your views, can add additional points and if required may also seek clarification from the author. All these things require a bit of analysis and it is always important to read the post completely and also the replies of others to avoid any repetition of points already discussed.

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    This is one thought provoking thread by the author and it is telling us that just to agree or disagree with the ideas of the author and closing the response is not sufficient and we must indicate or point out if we feel anything important or outstanding in the matter. If we have opposite views and we do not agree with the contention of the author then also we should make it clear by our analytical reasoning. Here, we are the active members of a vibrant forum where posts of different nature and topics emerge and it is necessary that we should give our frank response on the matter and at the same time we should never make a personal comment or offence on the author because that would spoil the whole enjoyment of the discussion. We should only focus on the topic and the persons behind them are immaterial to us as they would change with time. Old members will go and new members will come but topics will remain here.
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