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    World AIDS Day - 1 December.

    World AIDS Day is celebrated every year throughout the world on 1 December to make people aware of AIDS. AIDS is a pandemic disease caused by human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus infection. The theme of World AIDS Day in 2020 is "Ending HIV / AIDS epidemic: Resilience and impact".

    People all over the world wear a red ribbon on this day to express their sentiment towards people suffering from AIDS. This is done to increase awareness among people about the issue. Along with this, people also sell this red ribbon to raise assistance for people fighting this disease.

    Similarly, this day is also a way to pay tribute to the people who lost their lives while fighting this disease.
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    World AIDS Day will be celebrated on1st December every year. This is the first-ever day celebrated related to a global health day. This day tells us that we all should unite and f fight against HIV. We have to pay homage to the people who died from an AIDS-related illness. This day was founded in 1988.
    Let us spread the message among the illiterate that AIDS is a deadly disease and people can stop spreading of this by following certain precautions and practices in their lives. Already a lot of awareness about the disease has been spread among the people and people are very cautious about this disease.

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    AIDS is a deadly disease having no treatment so far. We were taught in the school itself that it's spread through four measures.

    1. Unsafe sex
    2. Through milk feeding by a mother to the baby.
    3 Through blood transfusion
    4. By sharing the infected needles.

    If we take care of the above points we may never get infected .


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    People should be given appropriate training how best they can be protected from this deadly disease and on 1st December every year, we celebrate the AIDS day throughout the world. It is the day when we take the pledge to contain the disease. In India, it would be particularly relevant since many of our countrymen living especially in the villages are to be taught regarding the safety so that they are not entrapped with the disease. To highlight its symptoms and its prevention should be the main motto of the government to eradicate the same.

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    It is a deadly disease and is not curable so far. There was a good awareness campaign throughout the world regarding this disease and the result was that it was contained and is under control in most of the places. Many private agencies and NGOs did a good work in spreading the awareness programs and various Govt in the world supported the programmes for fighting with this disease.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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