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    Are movie theaters opened in your area and how is the situation with its business?

    Indian government allowed the opening of Cinema theaters and the state governments according to the conditions slowly allowing them to function. The Cinema industry is the biggest industry in India where lakhs of people dependent on it for their livelihood. Now there are no new movies are there in the cinema industry to release in the theaters. For some of the movies which were completed in various languages, the producers are interested to release them on OTT flatforms fearing that the audience can't come to the theaters. So the theaters have to adjust with old movies as there are no new movies to be released in theaters. From the news, we are seeing many theaters in big cities still they are giving their halls for shopping malls on rent. What is your present assessment of the theaters in your area? How do you think the theater management will tide over the present situation?
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    Yes. The state government of Telangana also gave permission for the theatres to reopen. The capacities are reduced I heard. New films are not there to get released. I think only old films are being screened. But there are no crowds near the theatres. Many people are not interested to go to movies as there are no new movies. New movies are being released on OTT platforms and people are seeing them in their houses on their TV screens. I think only after vaccine people may venture to go to theatres. If the distributors stop releasing them on OTT platforms and start releasing only in theatres, then the crowd may increase even now also.
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    The theaters are opened in Chennai but I have not gone on fear of Covid. But I read in today newspapers that most of theaters are having only few visitors say less than 25 for a show.

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    Though permission is given, and theatre owners are ready to operate, there are no viewers to sit and watch the film due to pandemic and its ill effects. People are afraid of moving out and to sit and watch films in big silver screen. It would take time for the theatres to resume business. Probably, once the vaccines are out, people would try to move in theatres.
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