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    Despite the vaccine, we need to follow SMS to get ride of the deadly virus.

    Let any number of vaccine come and we administer, we need to follow SMS( Sanitizing - Masking -Social distancing) sincerely and seriously to get ride of the deadly virus from this earth. If we practice it, 2022 will be a year to forget SMS and lead a normal life.

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    That is very true. People are expecting vaccine early next year. It will take some time for all people to get vaccinated. The estimated time is about 2 years for all the people to get vaccinated. Till such time everybody should be very careful about the virus and follow all precautions. The vaccine is new and the effectiveness of the vaccine is also to be established. Only some clinical trials were conducted. So we should not think we are 100% protected by getting vaccinated. So masks, social distance and sanitizers are very important for the coming months. The author may be right in saying that throughout the year 2021, we should follow all these precautions and then we will have a really happy time in 2022. If we are careful we need not have a fear of the disease. When we are not careful only we will have so many apprehensions. So continue SMS for another one year. That will give us more confidence.
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    We are hearing about the vaccines but no one knows their success ratio. Somewhere, I read that one vaccine is claiming 94% effective against the Covid and we do not know how authentic it is. Already the deaths due to Covid are less than 5% so it is a bit confusing as why vaccine should not be 100% or 99%. Anyway the author has suggested an important thing to observe SMS ( Sanitizing - Masking -Social distancing) till we get a perfect vaccine or drug for this menace. Let us follow that sincerely and suggest our friends and relatives for the same. If we all observe this, we would be in safe zone.
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    Self protection is the hall mark to keep away the virus as suggested the SMS way of guarding ourselves would not only keep us away from the virus and also help others to keep good health. The vaccine are lined to be given and we do not know how many months it would take to cover the full population and just now came across the news that ICMR is of the view that not every one needed to be vaccinated and those who are vulnerable to virus is enough to get the vaccines and that would break the chain of spread. So from this news what I feel that we have to live with the fear of virus even in future and nothing can match self adherence to SMS rules which are created for our self protection and nothing else. And those who feel that rules are not for them has to be punished for their laxity and prove that how danger their trait was.
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