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    Novel method used in those days to spread light

    Now almost in all places even in temples, we can have electric lights around the shrine and corridors. In those days the lights were used to spread through oil lamps and fire torches. To spread the light, they followed a novel method. Accordingly, many circles made in the floor of corridors by the sides of walls. Such circles are called in Tamil as 'Vallaavi'. During nights they pour some water in the circles and only one lamp in the middle of the vallaavi which spread the light over the place through the water.
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    In our area, I have never seen this concept of pouring water and keeping the lamp in the middle. This I have not seen either in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh. But in some temples, they mid-small half openings in the walls from inside. These are like very small almirahs in the wall. In those cavities, Diyas are kept and lighted. This will be done more in temples. But in some old houses also we have seen such cavities and in the nights the housewives used to keep lights in those cavities. Lighting diyas in the temple will be more in the month of Kathika in both the Telugu states.
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    #716465 sir, what told by you is in almost all old houses in Tamilnadu cities and villages also. They are called madams in which people keep the lamps daily in evenings. But the one mentioned above is in temples of Tamilnadu.

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    I am also confused with your lighting in temples. I never heard about such lighting arrangements inside the temples over the water. It is new to me.

    Do you know this? In Kanyakumari, Goddess Bhagavathi had a pearl nose stud which was so powerful that the mariners used to think it as a light house. Many mariners were confused and were stuck between the rocks. Due to this the gate was locked forever, to save the mariners.

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