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    Do you enjoy conversing over the phone or through the chat box?

    We can converse with our relatives and friends and the unknown using voice communication over the phones and on net (Audio). Also we can communicate using the chat box available to us in Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype etc.

    Which communication mode gives you utmost joy and happiness? Phone or Chat box. Why?

    I prefer Chat box over phone conversation. Because, there won't be any audio problem. Everything would be crystal clear and recorded.
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    It depends on the situation and urgency. If it's urgent, I always prefer calling than sending texts but if it's a casual chat then chat box is a good option. Voice communication has no delay so when you are talking over the phone both of you can continue the conversation as long as you wish and it's almost similar to face to face communication. On the other hand, communication over a chat box has some delays. The reply depends on when the other person looks into our chats and also if the person is willing to reply to it instantly. The advantage of conversating through the chat option is you can work as well as chat in between. For example, I am doing this right now while replying here. I am chatting with a representative to resolve a specific issue as well as replying to the thread. In voice conversation, to do this you need to keep the other person waiting in between which may make the other person feel annoyed. You are also putting the communication channel busy by dragging the conversation for a long time while also doing your work.

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    If I have a choice, I prefer talking over the phone. When we hear the voice of the other person we will have some satisfaction and at the same time we can ask our doubts clearly and we can also express our views and points very clearly. When we have to put it in writing we may not be able to put in the way we want to express. But when we talk we may be able to tell more clearly.
    So I always give first preference for talking over the phone. But sometimes if you want to keep track of what you have conveyed to the other person it is better to chat and save the chat on our phone.

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    I prefer to communicate through chat box because of many reasons. First is that there is no formality in that. On phone what happens that we talk so many formal things which are unnecessarily take time and we repeat them every time we phone to a person. Like we say that how is whether there? Is it more hot or less hot? As winters are approaching is it not comfortable in night? Then from that side he or she will ask how is your health? Same or better now? All these questions and answers will be repeated daily as if both the sides are searching for talking material. When there is no material to talk then the relatives will ask what you had prepared today? What did you eat today etc. It may look hilarious but it is the fact that most of us are talking on phone those things more, which are not much relevant. So, in chatting we have to type and be brief and that is all and other party also cannot linger much.
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    It depends on the situation. When I have to just give information or ask something then I prefer doing chats and when I have time and have to talk to a person which I cannot express in the message I prefer doing a call.

    Also I usually prefer to message for the official works as that way we have a record of the information or instruction whereas when I have to talk to a relative or a friend I always prefer to talk to him or her over phone

    When I have to give someone a fast message then it's better to talk over phone.


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    Chatting is boring specially with near and dears. I would prefer to make a call through the phone only. On phone we feel close enough to share and interact in details while in chatting one has to wait for others chat.
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