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    If there was a shortcut to success!

    Then we all would be successful I think. Well, everybody is running after success and you will find people saying there is no alternative to hard work, no shortcut to success etc. I agree and do not like to add anything new to it but just thinking what if we find a shortcut to success? Let me give you an example to analyze it further.

    On the opposite of the building where we stay there was a shop dealing with the renting out of chairs, tables, utensils, construction of temporary pandals (bamboo structures) during various occasions, etc. Popularly, persons associated with this kind of business are known as Decorators in our state. The owner of the business is very friendly with us and me along with a few of my friends used to visit his shop on holidays and chat with him for some time. This was almost a regular affair. He told us his plans to shift to a new location and we encouraged him. Sometime in the last year he shifted to the new location and sold his previous shop to a carpenter. Now the usual chat with him has stopped and we rarely visit his shop since it is a bit far away from our place. Whenever we meet he requests us to visit his shop and during the beginning, we used to ask whether there is any shortest way we may avail to go to his shop. He showed us the way but again since the shop is not just opposite to our building the regular interaction is not there. See, we know the short way to reach there but we hardly go there. Similarly, even if there is any shortcut to success, we need to walk that path. The important thing is not finding a path but also to walk in that path to reach your destination.
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    Always there will be shortcuts for any work. In a manufacturing environment, the people working on the shop floor will always try to find out the short cuts to the work they are supposed to carry out. If we feel carrying out the work what we have to do is a success, definitely there will be short cuts to that. You have not felt that you have to go to the shop daily as it is not very near. As your mindset is against going, you have not started going there. But if we have the desire to go there you might have used that short cut. Another thing that comes to my mind is that you never felt that daily going there is not a success to you. So you have not preferred going even in a short cut route.
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    Though everyone looks for a short cut to achieve success the fact is there are no shortcuts to achieve success! Success is the name of burning midnight oil and working hard in the day and night. There is no alternative for achieving success other than working hard.
    If short cuts achieve us the lasting victory, hard work would have been an obsolete thing. Achievements through short cut may give us some comfort but this won't be a lasting one. This will be soon diminishing and curtailing all possible options for success.
    Person's perseverance and hard work bring success, no short cuts and unplanned measures.

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    Success comes only to those who work hard day and night to achieve their goals and never give up. It is up to the person to what extent he is exerting his power and working hard to make his work successful. Those who choose the posture method and the way or shortcut to achieve their goal, continue to make their path of success even harder. Success is not a shortcut but a ladder that is found gradually with knowledge one by one. It is very important to have the patience for success in any work, it is also very important to give time along with hard work. The longer the time and the way, the more we get to learn, even if a person is successful with a short cut, that success will be temporary, not permanent. The shortcut will never be a complete success it always required a complete process.
    Swati Sharma

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    If there was a short cut to success, people would not have higher education, people would not compete with one another, people would not spend their nigh hour toil to find the solutions to their tasks, and there would be dull and simply lazy life all over. Because they are going to achieve the success through short cut methods, the money thus earned would not have the value nor has the purchasing power, as everyone would be earning and showing their profess of amassing the wealth for no reason and no season. When there is no competition to earn money, the school, colleges, and other imparting institutions has nothing to play in our life and that would be different thinking altogether. Moreover there cannot be respect and ego would rule the roast because every one is earning and no one can be claimed to be poor in the process.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    This world is a place where cut throat competition is there. There are about 7.5 billion people around out of which a majority is seeking employment and resources. Some get it while some are still waiting for it. For them life is a daily struggle. Now let us assume that there is a short cut to success. It could be. Who denies. The irony is that this short cut will be known to all and then the same competition will set in there which used to be there for the usual course. So, in essence the short cut will become equally competitive and difficult as the usual one and may be when everyone jumps in this short cut the usual path becomes less clumsy and people staying there only might reach the destination earlier. So short cuts may not yield the intended results in ones life. Generally we look for them but they are not actually what they appear.
    Knowledge is power.

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