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    Facilities can be provided but etiquette is something that comes from own realisation.

    I happened to visit my hometown after a period of 3 years and a lot has changed in the city. There were swanky malls, wide roads, proper street lights, traffic lights and illuminated road squares. What ever I saw left me startled and happy. I became happy that there are viable changes in the city and a lot has changed. But my happiness was short-lived, whatever changed was only superficial, behaviour of people and their conduct was as bad as usual. What I mean by thier behaviour is no respect for traffic rules, no respect for the public property for their use, no hygiene, taking away the dustbins and plants kept on traffic squares and in their locality.

    What I realised is that no development is complete unless the people also learn to respect the public property for use of all as well as keep the city clean. Keeping one's home is good but keeping your surroundings cleaner is very important. People should not take everything for granted and must respect the good work done by the administration and must help in up keeping the same.

    Not all are bad but even some cause immense damage to the public property and spoil the name of entire city. Getting facilities is one thing but having etiquettes to maintain the facilities is another.
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    Very true. What is the use of providing traffic lights if you don't follow them? What is the use of providing facilities when they are not maintained properly? The main problem here is we never think protecting the public property is our duty. Any small problem comes immediately there will be heavy damage to government properties. Is the government money not ours? Why many people miss this small point I couldn't understand?
    We talk about cleanliness. Every day the municipal sweepers come and clean the roads. But the next moment we will put all the waste from the house on to the roads. This mentality or mindset of the people should change. They all should have civic sense. Then only the facilities created will be beneficial for the citizens. Otherwise, it is a waste.
    The change should start from the individual. If I think that irrespective of other's behaviours I should not spoil the public property, the change starts. But if I wait for somebody else to initiate the process, the whole system will be like this only.

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    Citizens should consider the public property as their own property as it is acquired from the tax paid by them only on their hard earned money. How can someone harm it? I agree that there are some mischievous elements who create problems in the society and create all sort of disorders and their parents and family members should be alert on these things and should not allow them to do so.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    For good etiquette a national culture is required. Not only the parents but also the children should be in the same frame of mind. Citizens have a great role to play in keeping a place clean and in order. Then, there are issues of governance and unfortunately in that we are far behind as compared to the advanced nations. Our leaders are telling us to wear mask but they themselves are avoiding it and creating rallies and gatherings of people and birthday functions and partying. What we would learn from them and what our children would learn from them and us? Leaders are the makers of a nation and citizens sustain it. Where we are today?
    Knowledge is power.

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    Any development is incomplete without developing rationality and understanding of things around. Public property is elevated by hard-earned money of people for the welfare of people.

    So it's protection becomes important and people should act as guardian not the spoilers of such institution.

    Be it the street lights, wide roads, be it our hospitals or schools, water schemes or public toilets, be it rails and railway tracks and govt buses, secretariate or banking institutions, people must show some sense of understanding and rationality.

    All these institutions are for the good of people and their protection becomes the duty of every individual.

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