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    Why farmers protest in Punjab only?

    I really wonder to see only the Punjabi farmers are very serious against the farm bills. No other state in India is showing their interest against the farm bill. Since Punjab is ruled by Congress government, it is against the bill passed by the BJP government. So, it is a politically motivated strike against the Central government. Punjab is an agriculturally rich state with rich farmers. There is no poverty in Punjab. Punjab has no beggars. There is no poor farmer in Punjab like in other states of India.

    Is it really farmers protest or politically motivated Congress protest?
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    The only way politics run 8s by making fool of public. In current situation of Farmer Bill protest also the opposition is making a fool of farmers and making a mess of people in Delhi. Borders have been sealed and people are suffering like anything. Farmers actually have no real demands, but just want the bill to be taken back. When the MSP and Mandi both continue to exist then how come a farmer is harmed by the bill .

    If I am able to sell my product offline and another option of selling it online is provided to me then how come I am at loss. Same is with farmers, they can sell at place where they get higher price, be it in open market or at Government authorised centres. This is something very clear that opposition is left with no issues to really grill the ruling party so thye have made the farmers their weapon.

    Opposition should choose some better ways to protest or counter the Government, this protest is very bad for farmers as well as the people suffering due to the protest. Farmers do feed us and we respect them for that, but falling in trap of politics they too will loose their image.

    Many farmers commit suicide and the only way to save them is to increase their income. This law prima facie seems to be helpful to farmers only and any doubts should be clarified rather than protesting and making life of people hell.

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    The only apprehension in this bill is the involvement of corporates in the agriculture sector. But it is not new. Earlier days also there is the involvement of corporates in agriculture. Sugar factories used to have a big say on sugar cane farmers, rice mill people used to have a lot of control on farmers cultivating paddy. So why that is being projected in a big way is not known. Anyhow government has to explain this point to the farmers and also should say that minimum rate policy will also be applicable even the farmer wants to sell the product to corporates.
    In India, any change proposed by the ruling party will be opposed by the opposition party. This is proved again and again many times. So definitely there will be a hand of the opposition party in this agitation also.
    The farmers of India are suffering a lot in general. The government should try to improve their position and opposition should support the government and give constructive suggestions so that reasonable justice will be done to the farmers also.

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    If Govt announces that those who are not farmers in this crowd will be arrested by the army tomorrow then 90% of the people will disappear from the scene and the remaining 10%, the genuine farmers, will plead that they were being brought there by force. So it is definitely a politically motivated move by the people who are unemployed because they are not in the Govt. It has happened in past so many times and the public is well aware of these things and no one is giving any cognisance to that. They will sit there for a few months like Shaheen bagh event and then go back to other mischiefs.
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    Whoever has provoked this rally must had tried in all the parts of our country but might had not get success there due to obvious reasons and had to be satisfied with a handful available in this area. Opposition politics is like that only.
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    Basically this protest is of farmers of Punjab and Haryana. U.P. farmer have also been reported of doing protest in their support and according to National Dastak , a youtube news channel, farmers of other states are also showing their support to this protest but this news can't be confirmed because it didn't show any clip. I appreciate the government for taking initiative to have a dialogue with farmers. The author is right that farmers of Punjab are the richest farmers. e.g. The average income of farmers of a few states is as follows.
    Punjab Rs 601/per day
    Haryana Rs 481
    Kerala Rs 396
    U.P. Rs 164
    Uttarakhand Rs 156
    Jharkhand Rs Rs 157
    W.B. Rs 132
    Bihar Rs 118
    I hope that government will soon solve this issue.

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    In India, we can make a crowd by offering free food, drinks and some cash. Punjab is a rich state containing rich middlemen affliated to the state's ruling party and opposition to the ruling government in the centre. Farmers have been hired and brought to the border to protest. We have a strong centre that cannot be shaken easily.
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    The author has raked up a good post and this would pave way for pro and against debate from the members. I made observations earlier also to other thread that farmers stir has been started from the agriculture rich state of Punjab where there is Congress govt which never gone through the advantages of farm bill and started non cooperation from first day of the bill that passed in the Parliament. Shame on the Congress party which debated and allowed the farm bill to be passed in both houses of Parliament and now started to protest shows the dubious way of fooling the people and govt for no reason. Now that the talks were initiated the farmers are seeking re appeal of the law which is the against of farmers wish across the country. Rahul Gandhi has to be blamed for this stalemate to which Punjab farmers are being blamed.
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    Hello Mr. Sun,
    I am not here to post any political opinion. But I surely want to tell you something as I hail from Punjab. My present life is also very close to the state.
    There is huge poverty in Punjab. Punjab has many beggars. There are many poor farmers in Punjab.


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    Thanks for the update about Punjabi farmers and beggars. I was with an impression that Punjab is a rich beggarless state with no poverty. Also I thought that Punjabis live in cooperation with a helping attitude to support their brothers and sister Punjabis.

    The government has introduced the new farm law to help those poor farmers to sell their products and benefit without any middlemen involvement. They have an option to sell it directly to anyone/anywhere. They also have an option to sell through the middlemen if they cannot sell it directly. Why protest?

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    Opposition will always find some issue to lead an agitation or make hue and cry. If they do not get it, they will search it. Even if they do not get it they will create it. So that is the politics of opposition and in this case they have successful in finding out something out of nothing. The main idea is to create problem for the ruling Govt. It has happened in past many times and is not a new thing.
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