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    How you will like the six different types of tastes through your favorite recipes?

    We all know that in nature there are six different tastes-sweet, sour, tangy, salty, hot, and bitter. We all enjoy these different tastes in different situations through our favorite foods. I enjoy sweet taste through Jilebi made with jaggery. I enjoy sour tastes through yellow rice made with tamarind juice or mango pickle made with very sour mangoes. Banana white inner stem (doota) made curry gives a good tangy taste. Mango pieces dried in the salt give a good taste to salt. I enjoy the hot taste of ginger chutney made with ginger and chilies. I like the bitter taste of the curry made with whole bitter gourds filled inside with besan flour and boiled. Actually, we taste all the five tastes together on our Telugu new year day where chutney is made with all the tastes come together with jaggery, salt, mango pieces and tamarind, neem flowers, pepper powder or chilly powder. Members share your experiences with different tastes.
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    In fact, tastes are six types. We call it 'Arusuvai"(Six tastes). They are Inippu (Sweet) - Uppu(Saltish)- Kaaram(spicy) - Thuvarpu(Sour) - Pulippu(Penchant) - Kasappu (Bitter)
    I like sweet Payasam
    I like Salty Sambhar
    I like Chilly Chicken
    I like Sour Banana stem fried
    I like Penchant curd pachadi
    I like Bitter Bitter gourd fried

    In the south, a standard feast meal would contain all the six tastes and all the essentials like carbohydrate, protein, fat etc.

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    There are six tastes. We call sadruchulu which means six tastes. They are different varieties of foods which will have one of the six tastes mentioned above. But there is one dish which will have all the six tastes. This is Ugadi chutney what the author was mentioning. I like this dish very nicely. But we eat only on Telugu Ugadi day. Every year I ask my wife to keep some quantity in the refrigerator for the next day and I eat it on the next day also. I like Pulupu (Penchant). Any item having this taste is my favourite dish only.
    I take very fewer chillies only. I like a sweet known Peda made with milk. This is known as Palakova in our Telugu language. I eat all types of food with different tastes. But I fond of Pulupu and Sweet tatses more. My favourite foods are all types of fruits always in all seasons.

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