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    Is "The Hindu" an anti-BJP news media?

    Members, I am a subscriber to "The Hindu" newspaper. What I read and understand from the newspaper is that this publication is anti-BJP. By going through the editorials, articles, cartoons etc, I feel that the newspaper is pro Congress and anti BJP. It is not a neutral media.

    Am I right? What is your observation?
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    One thing for sure any neutral newspaper tries to find faults with the ruling party and highlights the mistakes it is doing. A newspaper's good role is to act as an opposition party to bring out the problems of the people to make the ruling party give solutions for them. As far as Hindu paper is concerned, it is a good neutral paper and always brings out the faults of the political parties to the front for good debate and discussions. But an individual unknowingly leans to a particular party and if any news comes against may not bear it. In my opinion, a newspaper always must act as an opposition party otherwise trumpeting for the ruling party there is no use of such papers in society. Newspapers must be bold enough to fight against the ruling parties to expose them to the public.

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    The present-day " The Hindu" is not like the earlier 'The Hindu". There is a sea change. Earlier days we used to get very correct information from this paper. But these days this paper is changed due to management, I think. But the reports are biased and they will be always against one of the religions of our country. They always give negative remarks about that religion. The news is not very reliable and they also create stories.
    During my education days, I used to read The Hindu and the standard of English they write was very good. One Telugu newspaper called ' Andhra Patrika" was in circulation during those days. My grandfather always used to read that paper only. He used to say that, Andhra Patrika was very reliable. They confirm the news before publishing. But later that paper was closed. These days we find no newspaper which gives accurate news without any mix-up.

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    Gone are the days when people used to wait eagerly for the early morning edition of the news paper with a coffee in their hand and that culture has gone. We know it was the pro Hindu and pro BJP news paper but changed its stand thanks to the Bofors expose and then caught with the Congress harassment and then repented for having exposed the then PM Rajiv Gandhi on the Bofors kick back, the then Editor Ram shot to fame and the paper got good response among the public. It seems the demonetization effect, was not liked and the paper gone hostile towards the BJP party. Now the BJP party is eying to have the power in TN in the next year election and this news paper can play spoil sport as there are huge following of elders to this paper and the equations may change through their future editorials on anti BJP
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    Hindu paper never supported any Govt. They have a reputation of making critical remarks on the existing Govt who ever it is. That is actually the basics of journalism to make people aware of the running Govt faults. So these type of media houses can also be thought as anti-establishment type and have no interest in any Govt as no Govt will favour a newspaper which criticises it. It was once known as a good source of information and the students read it for preparing for various entrance exams where general knowledge and English proficiency matters. In today's situation it does not matter much as which newspaper is against which and like that as social media has taken control of the population and people are now under the spell of social media. Govt also is now focussing more on social media rather than newspapers as very less people are reading newspaper. Many state Govt are taking tough actions against the social media sites which are talking against it. Many YouTubers are in problem and many social activists are in problem as state or central Govt can any time ask them to withdraw the objectionable matters from their channel. Nowadays Govt (central or state) is bothered about these social media sites rather than Hindu newspaper or any other newspaper.
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    "The Hindu" is a good newspaper. This paper presents the news in a very proper manner. The Government comes under criticism from opposition parties, newspapers, and news channels irrespective of the political party in power. Unfortunately, many of the newspapers and channels are refraining from highlighting the failures of the Government. We find this trend very much in the past few years. "The Hindu" is one newspaper which is an exception. For a normal reader, it may look like this paper is criticising more the Government and the party in power. Whatever news it prints is objective and correct. Criticising the BJP does not make it anti- BJP. The Government and the party in power should take criticism in their stride and try to improve their performance. Ignoring the criticism and not correcting their way, will make it bite the dust sooner or later.
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