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    Invention of cycle in India before 2000 years

    We all read that cycle was invented by Mc megallan before 200 years. But it is came to light that the cycle was in vogue in India before 2000 years. Not only cycle, but also the astronauts, remote control unit was in those years.
    It is not a joke but we can see the Sculptures of cycle, remote, astronauts found in the Panchavarna Swamy Temple, which was constructed during seventh century in Woraiyur, Thiruchi of Tamilnadu. This temple was famous Shiva Sthala.
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    True. We hear about aeroplanes in Ramayana. we hear about many modern gadgets in our epics. There are mentions about Akasavani, TVs also in some Puranas. The English language was also known to Yudhistar. We hear about this in Mahabharat. There are many things in Vedas. But we don't Sanskrit and we never have time to what is there in Vedas. So we never know about old issues and when they are reinvented only we are believing them.
    There are many such sculptors where we get a lot of about our Indian history and the advanced civilisation of Indian society. But we say they are all myths. But we believe them when somebody else invents the same article.

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    There are many such things which even we don't know. I remember in Mahabharata as Dhritrashtra was blind so lord Krishna gave some powers to Sanjay so that he may sit besides Dhritrashtra and from there itself he can narrate what's happening in the battle field. Also there are many medicines like Sanjivini buti which is mentioned in Ramayana. It gives us a clue that Indians knew very much about the herbs and was well advanced in Ayurveda.

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