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    Do you watch and support Big Boss shows on TV screen?

    At present Big Boss reality shows are becoming a big craze for TV viewers. There is a difference of opinion with regard to these shows in people. Some people say that these shows are spoiling our culture and some people say they are providing good entertainment. With film stars as hosts for the shows, the TV organizers gaining high TRP's for their channels. Do you regularly watch these shows and what is your opinion with regard to these shows? Do you think they do good for the people and are they good for something to learn? Some organizations outside protesting against these shows to ban them? Do you think they need to be banned?
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    I never watch Big Boss shows in any language. I am against that show. What is the message it is giving to the society? Matured people may not have much effect by seeing this type of show. But teenage people and youth will get heavily impacted with such shows. Not only this show but many other stage shows on the small screen are also sending negative messages only. That is why many people say that TV shows should also be censored. All the channels doing these shows to get good TRP ratings. But they are not thinking about the negative thoughts that are coming out of these shows.
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    I also don't like the Bigg Boss show at all and neither have I seen any season of it. My younger sister likes to watch this show but not on home TV but only on a mobile. I believe this show somehow promotes aggressive thinking within the people. At times, it is also understood that whatever is being shown in the show is a script, everyone knows that everyone has to stay in one place and when to do what, when to fight, when to stay in love. Although I do not watch the show, it is understood from the ad, etc. that this show is not viewable.
    Swati Sharma

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    I have no interest in those shows and due to so much hue and cry in the social media recently I have stopped going to the cinema hall also. Why to waste our time in such shows which have no relevance with our lives.
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    I feel the Big Boss is the big drama which is played to bring defame and quarrel between the well established artists as the eliminations would bring nothing but the bad name.Most of the performers on Big Boss are not the real actors and they are made to feel like actors and in that process, the tasks given are nasty and some time against the wishes of the house members and I think in the guise of entertainment the romance has been given more important and the performers were either made to love or quit. This is the compulsion of many performers and I do not like such cheap shows which does not have any format.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I do not watch big boss because it looks fake for me. Many times some of the scenes look scripted. Moreover the abusive language they use sometimes is not worth to watch.

    They just script the things to increase the TRP of the show. There are many contestants in the show who just like to fight with the others. Actual character can be seen on this show. I remember we used to like Hina Khan but when she came on big boss I really started hated her because of her egoistic behaviour.


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    All the responses proved that the Big Boss itself a scripted and back stage managed to which the contestants get emotional and cannot cope up the challenges which is detrimental to their reputation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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