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    Do the employees really need to gift the boss on birthday?

    In any company or organization the birthdays of employees are celebrated with the group contribution and a good remembered gift would be given to the birthday celebrating employee and that would be formidable and befitting. But what is the use of employees joining to accumulate money and give a big gift the boss who is well placed, well poised and good earned. I feel it is the waste of money and time to spend on boss who is already a rich person and he need not deserve the meager gift from the employees. What are your views.?
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    I served in many companies during my career for about 40 years. In no company, we have given any gift to any boss for birthday. In big companies, there is no chance for the employees to see the big boss. Many industries will have the practice of sending a small gift or a greeting card to the employee on his birthday. This will be given by the company to all the employees. In all the companies I received these gifts and greeting cards for almost all my birthdays. After becoming the Director of a company, the HR department used to arrange a cake and all the employees used to gather and after cutting the cake, all the employers used to get a sweet and a cake piece. No gifts from individuals. All expenses will be from the company only. Same is the way the MDs birthday was also celebrated. There are no gifts to MD and all the employees used to get their lunch served.
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    It would be a nice gesture if the employees contribute and buy a birthday gift to their boss. The boss would be pleased. In turn, he would throw a big party to the employees. It is good to maintain the relationship between the boss and the employees with such birthday gifts. When you share a gift, it costs nothing, but the feeling would be great. If you gift your boss worth 100, he would return 1000 in some form. Know your boss well and gift them with true love and affection.
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    Exchanging gifts on birthdays or on any other occassion is good in the office and I don't think it's a bad idea to give a gift to a boss. If anyone is rich or poor likes to get gift. We don't have a culture in our office to contribute money and buy a gift.

    The person who has a birthday distribute sweets to all colleagues . This is just how we celebrate birthdays of an employee in our office.


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    I have also not heard this type of gift to boss in my service of 42 years. Once we all total employees nearly 400 have been invited for dinner on the occasion of marriage reception of our chairman's daughter. Management arranged buses for pucking and dropping employees on that day. We all just went and enjoyed special dinner. That is all, we have not given any compliment.
    But the gift/compliment giving to any body on functions like birthday or anything are only out of love but not the affordability of the recipient.

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    In some organisations some employee do it by contributing and giving a gift to the boss on some pretext like birthday. Any boss will be happy with that and employees also will have a soft corner from him. But there are some people who do not accept such things from the subordinate and tell that they do not like such things and at the most if the subordinates want they can give him a simple flower bouquet. These type of bosses are tough bosses and it is difficult to please them and do not expect any favour from them or any soft corner for the subordinates.
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    Even on their birthdays the boss or the company head can share a rare gift to the employees instead of accepting from them.
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    Birthday is a special day for anyone and if other people try on their own behalf to make their special day more special, then it is a good idea. In such a situation, if employees want to give a gift to their boss with contribution then I do not get this idea wrong. It is also in the homes that the elder of the household who is spending the whole house, on his/her birthday too, other family members even small children also make gifts by making cards because the gift is an expression of feelings for someone.
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